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  • Commitment to your individual goals
  • An artistic, Lipo 360° approach to body sculpting
  • Advanced, state-of-the-art technologies
  • Proprietary BBL protocols to optimize surgical outcomes
  • Safety is our top priority

Superior body contouring results are obtained using a 360 3D approach, combined with attention to your specific goals. Allow the SurgiSculpt® surgeons to show you how we create the body of your dreams.

5 star rating - Hi Def Lipo Landing Page

"It was a real joy to visit SurgiSculpt. I was able to explain what I wanted to my surgeon.  He really listened! We agreed on a surgical plan that gave me what I wanted at a fair price. I love my new curves and my narrow waist". TR

The buttock shape and size you want is achieved by open communication with your surgeon using our BBL Assessment Tool. This synergy between patient and doctor avoids the need for Brazilian buttock lift revisions too frequently referred to SurgiSculpt®.

5 star rating - Hi Def Lipo Landing Page

"I work out and wanted a fuller butt with more curves.  At first, I was afraid my butt would be too big but during my consultation, I saw I could choose my size and look!  How cool is that?  You should see me in jeans!" JF

Today's men are prioritizing their aesthetic appearance more than ever before.  Advances in high-definition abdominal contouring such as etching of six-packs and creation of our proprietary Armor Plate chest which addresses stubborn fat and "man-boobs" are what drive men to seek out our SurgiSculpt team.

5 star rating - Hi Def Lipo Landing Page

"OK, I admit it.  I was too proud to get my chest done earlier in life. My surgeon explained how he could eliminate my manni boobs and get pecs and etched abs at the same time.  Boom!  I am ready for the beach" TS

High definition body contouring with Consult Form.

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Register Now to Receive:

  • Your free copy of the full-color guide to High Definition Body Contouring
  • A complimentary consultation
  • A custom surgical plan with a quote
  • Access to hundreds of patient before and after photos
  • Qualify for Early Signup Bonus
High definition body contouring with Consult Form.

Register Now to Receive:

  • Your free copy of the full-color guide to High Definition Body Contouring
  • A complimentary consultation
  • A custom surgical plan with a quote
  • Access to hundreds of patient before and after photos
  • Qualify for Early Signup Bonus

Commitment to Your Individual Goals

SurgiSculpt® surgeons have extensive experience delivering personalized and exceptional Cosmetic Plastic Surgery results for our clients.

Our surgeons are committed to:

  • Listening keenly to your desires
  • Creating customized surgical plans to your specific needs
  • Striving to exceed your expectations
  • Addressing your concerns throughout your journey in a prompt manner

Did We Mention Collaboration?

Collaborating with your surgeon is the key to creating and executing your optimal surgical plan. This can only happen when both parties listen to the other and act on the shared vision. No two clients have the same goals.

Appreciating each client’s concerns is our surgeons' priority, who will exercise open communication and listen keenly to your goals.

Naturally, patients need their surgeon to be confident and skilled, but they must be reassured that they are also hearing them. Clients that are the happiest with their results report back that they held not only confidence in their surgeon’s abilities but also the assurance that their desires were heard and incorporated into their surgical plan.

An Artistic 360 Approach to Body Sculpting

Our SurgiSculptTM surgeons are pioneers of advanced liposuction technology called HD Lipo 360™ for body sculpting. We understand that there are contour differences for women and men. Our surgeons create the curves that women desire and the physique that men yearn for.  They represent what is possible in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery today.

The HD Lipo 360TM approach is a revolutionary technique that allows aesthetic body sculpting in a circumferential manner and unveiling of muscle highlights since our surgeons are able to remove fat more comprehensively and at times selectively than other liposuction methods.

HD stands for “high definition” and describes the gold standard in liposuction using VASER ultra-sound technology. VASER liposuction allows you to achieve transformative contouring results with less pain and bruising than traditional or laser liposuction. The ultrasound technology allows our surgeon to harvest not only more fat but healthier fat from your concern areas and transfer the fat more effectively to desired areas that include:

  • Buttock
  • Breasts
  • Chest and Pecs
  • Face
  • Hands

The most popular fat transfer procedure today is the Brazilian butt lift or BBL. At SurgiSculpt®, our proprietary High Definition BBL includes "snatching" of the waist, sculpting of the thighs and lower back, and filling in the hip dips and buttock cheeks. The result of the High Definition BBL is a creation of the sculpted feminine curves that women crave. You can go big or modest with your choice!

Advanced State-Of-The-Art Tools

HD lipo 360TM, or 3-dimensional body transformations, are made possible with simultaneous elimination of fat, strategic augmentation with fat transfer, and reduction of skin redundancy. HD Lipo 360 is made a reality by utilizing advanced state-of-the-art tools:

  • VASER ultrasound liposuction
  • Renuvion J plasma scarless skin tightening
  • Closed-loop, sterile fat grafting canister
  • Highest-grade medical sutures (PDS sutures)
  • The Umbilicator™ (ensures a natural-looking and well-placed navel)
  • Proprietary aromatic muscle highlights preservation of lymphatic messages after liposuction surgery
  • Viora external radiofrequency technology may be used after surgery to minimize hyper-inflammatory reactions that lead to internal scar tissue

Our surgeons customize your body contouring surgery to eliminate fat and excess skin. Strategic excision of redundant and stretch-marked skin may be necessary to meet your personal goals. Great care is taken to minimize and position incision lines to make them less visible. Whether you are wearing a swimsuit or your favorite jeans, you will enjoy the best version of yourself!

Proprietary Protocols to Optimize Surgical Outcomes

When an artist sculpts a statue of the human form, they do it in a 360-degree fashion. Their masterpiece creation must be beautiful from all angles. Their knowledge of human anatomy and how each layer of muscle flows into each other requires an appreciation of proportionality and devotion to aesthetic principles.

When sculpting the human form, considerations are even more complex since the surgeon sculptor must ensure proportionality of not only static views but how muscle groups move and interact with each other. This is termed 4-Dimensional sculpting.

SurgiSculpt® has developed multiple proprietary protocols to optimize high-definition body contouring results:

  • The High Definition Body Scale - Each patient’s initial HDL body score (2-10) provides a starting point to help customize a complete surgical plan. There are separate Female and Male HD Body Scales to address gender-specific aesthetics. This protocol allows you to understand the expected changes from your surgery. It also lets you appreciate why specific tools and maneuvers will be factored into your surgical plan. This collaboration with your surgeon will help ease presurgical anxiety and ensure both doctor and patient understand expectations.
  • The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Assessment Tool™ - One size does not fit all when it comes to BBLs! Despite its recent popularity, there are few guidelines for the ideal buttocks' size and shape. Our doctors will recommend safety measures in performing your BBL, but only you should make the decision regarding how big, how round, and how high or low your buttock should be. Whether you are going for the more generous bubble butt or want a more athletic bottom, coined the skinny BBL, the Brazilian Butt Lift Assessment Tool will help you achieve the buttock shape and size you desire.
  • The SCUBA BBL - The Safe California Ultrasound-assisted Buttock Augmentation provides the added safety net of using portable ultrasound to get a baseline visualization of tissue plane depths. Following the SCUBA protocol, fat and muscle planes can be delineated. This advantage may minimize the risk of inadvertently grafting of fat into the gluteus maximus muscle.
  • Creation of the Armor Chest Plate - We have developed a novel protocol for male chest contouring that provides superior results than traditional methods. The Armor Chest Plate contouring goals include creating linear borders that are bold, with a middle chest contour that is flat and less rounded and feminized. Utilizing both liposuction of the central chest and strategic fat grafting, we are able to create a natural masculine armor plate appearance to your chest.
  • Ex-Vivo (out of the body) liposuction - We have extended the art of the traditional in-vivo liposuction where fat is removed directly from the patient to include ex-vivo liposuction. Ex-vivo is the suctioning of fat from tissues after surgical removal from patients that have excessive skin and fat. The ex-vivo liposuction protocol provides increased safety and efficacy to patients undergoing high-definition 360 body contouring.

Safety is our highest priority

Safety is our highest priority. We must remind ourselves that your plastic surgery journey is embarked on by choice. This means that your cosmetic surgery is elective and not mandatory. As such, we make it our priority to ensure that your experience will be seamless and without unnecessary risk.

Ensuring your safety starts with your preoperative planning and preparation. At least one month prior to your surgery, you will be asked to check your blood work so that your levels can be optimized. This means checking your blood count and supplementing you with iron when needed. You will be asked to increase your protein intake so that your blood protein levels are optimal to optimize your healing. You will be asked to plan for your surgery by making sure that you have your spouse or responsible adult available during your early postoperative period and to make sure that you can adjust your social schedule and work schedule to allow for appropriate healing. Your surgical experience is also taken very seriously. Several intraoperative measures are taken to ensure your safety. First, your blood count is monitored throughout your surgery. Advanced surgical machines as well as centralized suction and gasses are available to support your at your peak throughout surgery. Finally, you will be offered around the clock supervision by one of our trusted nurses at our after care facility during your first 24 hours following surgery. You will be evaluated the very next day after your surgery to ensure that all is well prior to going home. You will have access to your surgeon and staff 24/7 and AT ALL TIMES.

Assuring your safety is our highest priority.

Results Matter!

What You Can Expect As a Patient at SurgiSculpt®

At SurgiSculpt® we recognize that the cosmetic surgery journey is a significant milestone for you. We are committed to making sure this journey is seamless by preparing you for surgery, minimizing your presurgical anxiety, and ensuring postoperative comfort. You can expect to:

  • Learn how to optimize your healing ability with preoperative nutrition
  • Learn how we avoid operative and postoperative anesthesia nausea and grogginess
  • Learn how we ensure comfort, making your surgery virtually pain free
  • Learn how we customize your surgery so that it is tailored to achieve your goals
  • Take advantage of our patient liaisons who have undergone your recommended procedures and are willing to share their experience
  • Utilize our experienced and compassionate patient coordinators
  • Have personal access to your surgeon throughout your surgical journey
  • Be monitored closely in the immediate 24-hour postoperative period at our stay care
  • Be followed closely every day or every other day throughout the first week after surgery
  • Undergo frequent lymphatic massages to minimize swelling and help mold your new sculpted shape
  • Be provided customized foam in-laid compression garments to minimize bruising and optimize your sculpted results

Why Wait? Book Your Consultation with SurgiSculpt®

  •  Stunning results are achieved by doing 360-degree, 4D body contouring customized to each patient's goals.
  • Our surgeons have advanced high-definition body contouring.
  • Our team is dedicated to enhancing the overall safety and efficacy of our surgical protocols and execution
  • The featured testimonials below demonstrate the impact of the SurgiSculpt® difference

My experience at SurgiSculpt was incredible...

It was a very professional atmosphere, with friendly staff and a fantastic Doctor who made me feel cared for and safe. It's my first time going through a cosmetic procedure and I was nervous! Thank you so much to the staff for all their help and for making me feel at ease. I would recommend this place to everyone! JR

So happy with my results...

I had my procedure in March of this year. The entire team was kind and caring from the beginning to the end. The doctor's coordinator is the sweetest. I felt very welcome each time. The office is beautiful and very high-end. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone looking for a way, way above-average doctor. I am definitely referring my friends! AS

I looked 10 years younger almost immediately...

I had a great experience at SurgiSculpt. I wanted to look a little younger and fresher for my daughter's wedding day, so I booked an appointment, unsure of what I needed. My surgeon was wonderful and gave me the guidance I needed. I looked ten years younger almost immediately. TS

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High definition body contouring with Consult Form.
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