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High-definition Liposuction of the Flanks

Flanks Lipo
Flanks Lipo
High-definition Liposuction of the Flanks

44-year-old female – underwent high-definition liposuction of the flanks, abdomen, and back and a BBL , creating a beautiful line from back to buttocks. With the 360 lipo approach, the back view proportions are symmetrical.

There are many advances in high-definition liposuction, including several surgical maneuvers intended to improve body contouring results. Traditionally, body contouring efforts have involved improving the contour of the front and back. Other sections include high-definition liposuction of the flanks.

Specifically, most surgeons have focused on improvements in the abdominal region and the back and buttocks. However, recent interest in providing 360 degrees of contouring has piqued surgeons’ interest in contouring the sides and flanks.

As a result, we have embarked on a mission to define the evaluation and management of the flanks and the sides. Several factors must be considered when it comes to high-definition liposuction of the sides.

High Definition Liposuction of the Flanks Needed?

The most important consideration is gender-specific differences in the flank region. The flank region extends from the front to the back and includes two regions, one above the iliac crest, called the external oblique region, and then below the iliac crest, called the V to the P. In the males, the external oblique is sculpted conservatively since we want to demonstrate the bulky external obliques.

In contrast, the V to the P is cored out to create the desired V to the P concavity. In females, we core out the external oblique because it narrows the maximal waistline but leaves the V to the P more generous as it provides a smooth transition from the more generous buttocks and lower back contour.

When performing high-definition liposuction with VASER of the flanks and the sides, this region can be contoured from both the front and back. When performing liposculpture of the flanks, it becomes apparent that this region can be approached from both the front and back.

However, until recently, there have been no guidelines on how much contouring should be attempted in each area. SurgiSculpt surgeons have defined the vertical axillary line to help guide the limits of high-definition liposuction of the flanks from each side.

This line is drawn from the midaxillary line vertically down to the mid-thigh level and helps providers safely apply ultrasound energy and subsequent fat removal. By utilizing the vertical axillary line, surgeons can avoid overreaching from the front and back so that injury to the sides does not happen as it does all too often.

Injury to the sides and flanks may occur when applying ultrasound energy to the sides, as observed by point burns. Point burns are only temporary, but a nuisance until complete healing is achieved. If you are interested in having high-definition liposuction of the flanks, we recommend completing a consultation with a SurgiSculpt surgeon to evaluate your specific desires.

High-definition Liposuction of the Flanks

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