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The Tilde Curve


Great example of the Tilde-Curve™ description of the female silhouette – back view

Tilde Curve

See how her “snatched” waist brings the Tilde-Curve and her amazing shape together – back right view


Sculpted waist brings the Tilde-Curve and her amazing shape together – right view

The Tilde Curve

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The Tilde Curve

The Tilde curve™, “~” is a much better descriptor of the ideal female silhouette than the traditional “S” curve description. This is because the ideal female silhouette is not a sharp transition of a concave waist to a convex buttock curve but rather a transition from a concave waist through a linear curve prior to climbing up the convex buttocks curve.

This linear junction between the waistline and lateral buttocks is referred to as the transition zone and must be contoured so that it provides a smooth juncture between the torso and the buttocks.

Creating the Tilde curve, “~”,

We begin in the operating room by coring out the waistline with liposuction to first establish the torso concavity. Then, only conservative of the transition is completed preliminarily. Next, fat is transferred to the central and lateral buttocks region in order to build up the desired hourglass lateral buttocks and hip fullness.

Finally, with the patient positioned in an oblique position, the transition is liposuctioned to provide the linear transition between the waistline and the buttocks.

Body contouring begins with the Tilde Curve

As a body contouring revision expert, I often observe suboptimal contour results of the waistline and back. Suboptimal results are observed when the flanks and waistline are either underdone and/or overdone. When overdone, the junction of the buttocks to lower back and flanks will resemble a shelve deformity.

If undergone, then the upper buttock contour is compromised by looking too prominent and appearing square. Neither the shelf deformity nor the square buttocks are desired by most female patients.

If you are desiring the ultimate “snatched” waistline and bubble butt appearance, we urge you to make a consultation with SurgiSculpt so that he can show you why the ideal contour line is described by the Tilde Curve.

The Tilde Curve appearance provides the ultimate female waist to buttock appearance and can be achieved with proper body sculpting and fat transfer. Please enjoy this!

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