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What is Compression Coupling in Liposuction

front view What is Compression coupling in liposuction
Please see this 30-year-old male following HD liposuction to highlight his abdominal muscles.

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Compression coupling is an advanced technique in liposuction that utilizes your nondominant hand to guide fat removal. Traditionally, fat removal was performed using a hollow bore cannula to pierce through semisolid fat. The removed fat was held in place by being tethered by its neighboring fat cells.

What is Compression Coupling in Liposuction?

This is why absolute, uniform fat removal was impossible since, after the removal of most fat cells, the fat cells that were no longer held in position could not be drilled out. The analogy I use is the small punching bag, i.e., speed bag, that boxers use to do rhythmic speed punches, which oscillate back and forth with each punch.

This is how the fat cell that is no longer tethered behaves. As the cannula strikes it, the fat cell moves out and returns without being removed. In contrast, advanced techniques employ ultrasound-assisted liposuction to melt the fat first, dramatically changing the dynamics of fat removal.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction melts ALL of the fat from a semisolid state into a liquid state by cavitation. Ultrasound energy creates waves that tickle fat cells in cluster form into single fat cells in liquid form. Once the fat cells become liquid, removal of the fat cells is no longer a piercing mechanism. Instead, fat cells that are liquid are siphoned out.

Not only is absolute, uniform removal of fat feasible but 40% more fat can also be removed. This is because fat cells in the superficial layer are contained in small compartments that will not accommodate the entry of liposuction cannulas. However, once the fat cells have been melted, they can be compressed from the superficial layer into the deep layer, where liposuction cannulas can remove them. This is what compression coupling offers advanced liposuction providers.

Compression Coupling in liposuction describes how your non-dominant hand can guide liquid fat cells into the cannula. Gentle compression allows the deep fat layer to be swept into the liposuction cannulas. Then, more aggressive compression coupling can guide the superficial fat cells into the deep layer to create highlights. By selectively removing superficial fat cells, muscle highlights can be created to reveal the underlying muscle contour.

Creating muscle highlights coupled with comprehensive and uniform deep fat removal creates stunning high-definition liposuction results. Compression coupling is a skill realized only through years of high-definition body contouring experience. If you are curious about how compression coupling can transform your body, we encourage you to consult with SurgiSculpt.

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