How to Fix the Lower Abdominal Bulge

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Please see this female who comes to our office for a consultation to see how to fix a lower abdominal bulge. Cause of lower abdominal bulge It depends on why the bulge is there in the first place. The differential diagnosis for a low abdominal bulge may include multiple factors.

The first reason for a low abdominal bulge includes thinned-out or stretched-out abdominal muscles, termed muscle diastasis. This occurs after massive weight gain or the following pregnancy and will feel firm. It is caused by continuous pressure of the intra-abdominal contents, such as a baby, on the abdominal muscles. This continuous pressure will thin them out and stretch them. Unfortunately, fixing the lower abdominal bulge by working out the muscles will only make them stretch further.

The second cause of a lower abdominal bulge is excess fat. Excess fat will present itself as a lower abdominal bulge that feels squishy to the touch. Finally, the lower abdominal bulge can be created by redundant skin that can be excessive and referred to as pannus.

The cause of the bulge best determines surgical correction of the lower abdominal bulge. When the lower abdominal bulge is due to weakened abdominal muscles, it can be corrected with muscle repair, called muscle plication. Muscle plication requires sewing the abdominal muscles much like you would tighten up a corset or by wearing a Faja.

How to fix the lower abdominal bulge caused by excess fat? When excess fat is to blame for your lower abdominal bulge, then liposuction is your cure. Liposuction can be performed by various techniques and several areas depending on your needs. For example, liposuction can be performed over the upper abdomen, middle abdomen, lower abdomen, flanks, and even the external obliques and serratus. A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon is necessary to provide you with a customized surgical liposuction plan.

Finally, fixing a low abdominal bulge caused by skin redundancy requires a formal tummy tuck. Various tummy tucks have been described and are determined by the extent of skin redundancy. For those with minimal skin redundancy, a mini tummy tuck may suffice. For those with more extensive skin redundancy, a full tummy tuck may be recommended.

In summary, fixing the lower abdominal bulge is best determined by the cause of the bulge. If you have a lower abdominal bulge and want it fixed, I encourage you to make a complimentary consultation with one of our SurgiSculpt specialists.

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