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Back Liposuction Before and After

50-year-old female patient following high definition VASER liposuction of the lower back, middle back, upper back, flanks, medial thighs, lateral thighs, arms and Brazilian Buttock Lift

A willowy back silhouette offers women a tremendous sense of content and confidence. With the Brazilian butt lift’s growing popularity, the too-often neglected back has become a focal point for liposuction. It is no wonder back liposuction before and after results is a frequently searched topic.

The back collects fat like other body parts in its unique way. Despite the back’s unique architecture, the results of back liposuction can be significant, dramatic, easily performed, and enhance the body’s overall contour lines.

Fullness, prominences, and tenacious bra rolls can ruin even the most flattering outfits. This is especially true in women who prefer fitted fabrics since their fat rolls would be visible to the world. Back liposuction may present an alternative solution when back fat becomes a challenge to eliminate by either exercise or even an aggressive diet.

Back liposuction targets fat in the upper, middle, and lower back, and flanks improving your appearance in and out of clothing. Improving the back contour will also improve your overall contour harmony and proportionality. All three back regions must be addressed in women, including the upper, middle, and lower back and flanks. Addressing all three areas will allow women to establish the desired hourglass shape. Back liposuction is typically limited to the lower back and flanks in men. This is because men desire a “V” shape predicated on a generous upper and middle back where the latissimus muscle resides. The elimination of love handles in the lower back and flanks.

About the Procedure – Let’s Look at Back Liposuction Before and After

As described above, the back is divided into three sections: upper, middle, lower back, and flanks. The waistline is a distinct part of the lower, middle, and upper back, and its removal is essential to maximizing a snatched waistline. The lower back and flanks, or, i.e., the love handles, are critical to body contouring. Still, this region maintains gender-specific differences that must be adhered to to achieve aesthetically superior contouring results. Most female patients elect to treat all three regions simultaneously, and in some cases, the arms as well, to maximally narrow the torso and create sleek contour lines. Often, contouring of the belly is added to the back liposuction to allow for what has been coined 360 body contouring that can offer the best back liposuction before and after outcomes! Corning out the lower back and flanks is a priority in men since male patients desire to create a shelf with their buttocks to hang their jeans on!

For the removal of back fat, VASER ultrasound-assisted, liposuction should be used as it offers several advantages that include:

  • Significant more fat volume removal than alternative liposuction techniques
  • Skin redraping that occurs following removal of superficial fat, unique to VASER liposuction
  • The quicker recovery since VASER liposuction results in less bruising and pain
  • Preserving a higher percentage of healthy fat for transfer due to ultrasound-assisted fat retrieval
  • Comprehensive access to both deep and superficial layers of fat, allowing surgeons the capacity to sculpt muscles

Another consideration for back liposuction before and after results is the presence of skin laxity. When loose skin is present, a novel technology that combines Helium plasma and radiofrequency, termed Renuvion J plasma, can be used to tighten the skin. This can be applied to the entire back spanning from the upper to the lower back. Consider a skin excisional surgery when skin redundancy or stretch marks are present. For example, an upper body tuck may be recommended if the bra rolls are prominent. A lateral thigh and buttock tuck may be recommended when the lateral thighs and buttocks are sagging.

Back Liposuction Recovery

How much downtime you will need to recover will depend on the extent of your liposuction needs. In most cases, you must take off from work for at least a few days to a week. In two weeks, you can resume more vigorous activities. Although outcomes vary from case to case, most patients should expect to notice significant improvements immediately after back liposuction that will continue to improve at one month and even more over three months when all the swelling is gone.

Additional liposuction treatments for other parts of the body or other added procedures will affect your recovery timeline. If you have surgery, like a tummy tuck or breast lift on your front side, your timeline for recovery will be extended for the final results to be realized.

Back Liposuction Before and After Conclusion

Liposuction is NOT a substitute for good eating habits, nor is it intended for weight loss. Because this process permanently removes fat cells and grown adults do not produce new fat cells, the treated region will remain reasonably unchanged with weight gain. However, if your body possesses other areas with a higher density of fat cells, weight gain will show in those areas and can create an unbalanced appearance. Having realistic expectations for liposuction results and being committed to a lifestyle that will preserve your hard-earned results and health by keeping your weight stable. We hope this article will assist you in your decision-making process during your back contouring journey.

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