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Brazilian Buttock Lift Recovery

Brazilian Buttock Lift Recovery
Brazilian Buttock Lift Recovery

61-year-old female following HD of the back, and lateral thighs, Renuvion skin tightening, and fat grafting to the buttocks.

Brazilian Buttock Lift Recovery Period

Brazilian Buttock lift recovery is surprisingly easy and requires minimal effort. Since there are no large incision lines to heal, patients can advance to full physical activity as tolerated. In fact, contrary to many online myths, there are no specific limitations arising from fat transfer. Besides wearing compression garments, the butt lift procedure has no inherent restrictions. The healing process is typically uneventful, and within two weeks after surgery, clients are encouraged to increase from light to unrestricted activity.

Following their Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, patients are asked to avoid sitting on firm objects for the first two weeks to avoid creating contour dents. Additionally, patients are asked to avoid sitting in any single position for more than one hour during the early Brazilian Butt Lift recovery period. Otherwise, there are no limitations during recovery and, specifically, NO need to buy specialized sitting pillows.

Most Brazilian Buttock lifts recovery precautions are dictated by the delays required for fat cells to re-establish blood flow. Fat cells typically re-establish blood flow within the first 72 hours following surgery. During this brief period, any firm surfaces can compromise blood circulation. During this time, pain medication is also administered since any swelling in the buttocks can trigger pain fibers to cause discomfort. However, the swelling will subside within four days of surgery. Moreover, as early as one week following surgery, patients can resume full physical activity with no concern of harm to grated fat cells.

Buttock augmentation with fat cell transfer only requires a regimented postoperative message protocol. Patients are expected to complete a minimum of 5 lymphatic messages over the first week to 10 days. These messages relieve pain by desensitizing the sensory nerves and ensuring smooth contour and improved highlights to areas of the body that have undergone liposuction to harvest the fat graft material. In addition, the special compression garments custom fitted to your body that is worn around the clock will help tailor your new body, especially during the early periods following Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Brazilian Buttock lift recovery Conclusion

A BBL procedure possesses minimal recovery instructions limited to the first three to four days following the surgical procedure. Patients may resume regular exercise within weeks post-BBL procedure. As such, BBL patients should expect a tolerable recovery process. In summary, BBL recovery times are limited and well tolerated.

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