Renuvion Skin Contraction – What it means for you

FDA cleared for cutting, coagulation, and ablation of soft tissue, the powerful technology provides the therapeutic thermal effect in a unique manner, according to a plastic surgeon and high-definition body sculpting expert. “It contracts tissue without the need for cutting. After the handpiece is inserted under the skin through the same, very small incision required for fat removal, helium is converted to plasma at the tip, simultaneously heating nearby tissue and serving as a pathway for the RF energy, which provides an additional effect. This 360 effect is automatically selective for untreated tissue because the plasma seeks out low-impedance tissue. As the impedance of treated tissue rises, the plasma automatically seeks non-treated areas. There is nothing out there that treats with this level of safety, specificity, and speed. You can apply energy at different tissue depths for a layered, deep and thorough treatment.”

“Faster treatment plus scarless skin and soft tissue contraction with Renuvion allows me to treat a much wider range of patients,” the sculpting expert explains. “I can offer less invasive treatment options to younger patients and males, who don’t want the stigma of an incision line or lose time from work. Moreover, Renuvion is especially helpful when treating older patients, he added. “Older patients want to avoid both being put under anesthesia and prolonged recovery times associated with incisional surgery.”

Renuvion has revolutionized the body contouring capabilities of plastic surgeons. “This does amazing things for high definition liposuction (HDL) and body sculpting, which by definition is stunning and transformative. Renuvion gives me better, full circumference treatment capability when removing fat comprehensively and selectively from both the deep and superficial fat, both of which are essential to crafting outstanding high definition results.” This is because with any liposuction procedure, skin contraction is a key element to the final outcome. “You can’t have good hi-def results without skin contraction that is consistent and predictable.” Our high-definition body sculpting expert treats with Renuvion to help him better visualize the final result after he sculpts with ultrasound-assisted hi-def liposuction. “I can’t do this with the competing technology because it must be administered prior to removal of the fat cells. This compromises fat cell viable for fat transfer. Using my technique with Renuvion, I can preserve 90% viability of the fat used in Brazilian Buttock Lifts, a critical component of HDL body contouring.

So what does Renuvion skin contraction mean for you? The high-definition liposuction body scale uses a 2 to 10 scale (HDL Body Scale, 2 being the lowest and 10 being the best score) to grade body shape and guide a customized surgical plan. Plastic surgeons will choose which modalities to use, and how, depending on where patients fall in the scale. “Before Renuvion you couldn’t get a 9 or 10 result to anyone who didn’t walk in with at least a 7 score,” he said. “The capabilities of Renuvion allow me to give top outcomes to patients with lower scores such as a 5. Patient satisfaction is incredible.” 

And for full body treatment, Renuvion changes the game further. “I can treat six to eight areas, double that bilaterally,” our high-definition body sculpting expert said. “At 45 minutes per area with the competing technology, this is prohibitive. I can contract the skin and soft tissues in five minutes per area using Renuvion and thus treat the full body as needed in one session.”

Renuvion skin contraction has revolutionized high definition body contouring. What this means for you is that if you have minimal to moderate skin redundancy, you can still benefit from the superior outcomes achieved with high definition body contouring!

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