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Renuvion Reviews

Renuvion Reviews
Here is a 36-year-old female who chose SurgiSculpt to complete their high definition body contouring procedure to fix multiple prior procedures. She had revision surgery for the abdomen, breasts, and back.
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What is Renuvion?

Renuvion is an unmatched skin-tightening tool that requires no extended downtime and results in no scars. No other minimally invasive skin tightening modality matches in providing plastic surgeons the ability to tighten skin precisely with minimal risk of damaging surrounding tissue and minimal downtime.

Renuvion is a minimally invasive skin tightening procedure that is FDA- approved for subdermal coagulating of soft tissues and the undersurface of the skin. Renuvion combines the energies of radiofrequency (RF) energy and cool helium gas to heat collagen molecules and subsequently cool the treated areas.

Because of this simultaneous heating and cooling and precise tissue targeting, the surrounding tissue is not harmed or damaged. As Renuvion does not overheat the treatment areas, using Renuvion to eliminate skin elasticity is a safe technology for those with mild to moderate skin redundancy.

How do people feel about Renuvion?

Renuvion is a very popular option for weight loss patients and individuals with mild to moderate skin tightening. Leaving no scars, and as a minimal-risk treatment, many patients opt for this technology to treat their arms, neck, abdomen, thighs, and more. Patients see immediate results right after surgery. SurgiSculpt surgeons have countless positive reviews after having Renuvion treatments. The results are instant and amazing and can immediately tighten the stubborn, loose skin you may have observed with aging and the effects of gravity.

VASER High Definition liposuction is paired with Renuvion skin tightening for individuals with moderate to severe skin redundancy. Both modalities do not require cutting and will allow you to reduce both volumes and smooth out the overlying skin contour, thus realizing dramatic transformations.

What areas does the Renuvion skin tightening treat?

Renuvion can precisely manage and tighten the skin elasticity on nearly all body parts. Renuvion skin tightening is most commonly used to tone up the arms, neck, thighs, abdomen, back, flanks, and knees.

Which doctor uses Renuvion?

When you have read through the countless positive reviews of Renuvion skin tightening and are ready for more toned and rejuvenated skin, please research to find the best doctor fit for your goals. SurgiSculpt surgeons have many glowing reviews for their Renuvion procedures.

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