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Buttock Augmentation Surgery Photos

Buttock Augmentation Surgery Photos
Buttock Augmentation Surgery Photos

Please appreciate this 29-year-old female demonstrating a lateral thigh and buttock tuck and high-definition liposuction of the flanks and back, as seen in her Buttock augmentation surgery photos.

Buttock augmentation surgery photos should be evaluated with a critical eye. The Butt lift photos should demonstrate a round and full buttock cheek shape and a narrower waistline, and tapered medial and lateral thighs. Butt augmentation is predicated on your plastic surgeon making an aesthetically pleasing fuller buttocks and projected butt following fat transfer for female patients.

When patients are shown buttock augmentation surgery photos, SurgiSculpt stresses the importance of the regions surrounding the buttocks, including the lower back, flanks, lateral thighs, and medial thighs. Plastic surgery pictures should convey a transformation from flat buttocks to a more aesthetically pleasing buttock contour.

We treat the buttocks region as a painting; whereas the buttocks proper is the main painting, the surrounding areas around the buttock are the frame that surrounds the painting. Reducing the size of the frame, i.e., lower back and flanks, medial thighs, and lateral thighs is just as important of a consideration as increasing buttocks cheek size.

Uses of Buttock Augmentation Surgery Photos

Bilateral buttock augmentation photos may demonstrate minimal to moderate increase in the lateral buttocks region, termed the lateral hips, as well as minimal to moderate increase in central buttocks projection, both established with fat grafting techniques.

In contrast, buttock augmentation surgery photos will show a maximum increase in projection in patients undergoing buttock implant augmentation. Buttock implants result in maximum projection since the implant silicone is a solid block that most aggressively pushes the overlying buttock skin and soft tissues out.

Finally, buttock augmentation photos will demonstrate a maximum increase in lateral buttocks and hip and central buttock projection if they have undergone simultaneous butt implant augmentation and fat grafting.

In summary, buttock augmentation surgery photos should demonstrate a beautiful female silhouette with a smooth “~” Tilde curve when observed from the back. The silhouette is achieved by creating a smooth transition between the lower back and flanks to the buttock and between the buttock and lateral thighs.

During your consultation, you should have the opportunity to convey to your surgeon the exact buttocks size and shape that you are seeking by using buttock augmentation surgery photos and a proprietary Buttocks assessment tool created by SurgiSculpt surgeons.

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