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Male Breast Surgery Cost

Male Breast Surgery Cost
Male Breast Surgery Cost

Let’s discuss male breast surgery costs. This patient had high-definition liposuction to his chest and breast area with gynecomastia repair.

Enlarged male breasts affect as many as one in four adult men. Today, male breast surgery is the most effective, long-lasting treatment for enlarged male breasts or “man boobs.” Treatment options are numerous and may include liposuction of the breast periphery and ultrasonic liposuction of the gland or direct excision. Another component of breast reduction surgery requires the accommodation of skin redundancy. When the skin redundancy is minimal, and the skin texture is excellent, then liposuction alone will result in skin redraping and retraction. When skin redundancy is moderate or excess breast tissue is moderate, a unique tool called the Renuvion J plasma may be used to tighten the skin. Finally, if excess skin is extensive, a formal wedge excision positioned in the inframammary crease may be necessary. When you consider the various options that affect the cost of gynecomastia surgery, it becomes apparent that the average cost of this cosmetic procedure must be individualized to each patient’s needs.

Since every patient is, different male breast surgery costs will vary based on the specific treatment chosen to achieve every patient’s specific desired look that they are striving for. Correction of enlarged breasts in the male is also dependent on breast size. The larger the scope of the surgical area, the longer the operative times, which will be affected by anesthesia fees and facility fees. In summary, the price of gynecomastia surgery is affected by multiple factors that will be determined after your initial consultation.

Variables of Male Breast Surgery Cost

The cost of breast enlargement correction depends on the amount of excess fat, soft tissue fullness, and extra skin around the breasts, but most importantly, what the patient wants. Excess fat can cause sagging of the breasts and stretch of the skin around the breasts. Prominent glands may make the nipples appear puffy. The use of anabolic steroids may enlarge both the fatty tissues but as well as overgrowth of the glands.

Many patients with excess fat in their breasts want to improve their chest’s aesthetic, including more defined pectoral muscles, clearer chest symmetry, and contour. High-definition liposuction is an excellent treatment option for patients with excess fat, minimal glandular tissue, and tight skin.

High-definition liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that will comprehensively remove excess fat and significantly reduce the epithelial tissues in the chest area. The procedure begins with several small incisions or “poke holes.” A long, thin cannula is then inserted through this hole to reach any areas of excess fat and suction them out.

The difference between male breast surgery cost and traditional gynecomastia surgery cost is that a high-definition liposuction expert will perform your male breast surgery to reduce your excess fat and create an optimized male chest aesthetic that is flat, bold, and muscular. Often this procedure is combined with contouring of your body in a 360-degree fashion. For most men, high-definition body contouring includes the creation of a six-pack abdomen and the elimination of love handles.

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