360 Liposuction or Liposuction area-by-area – Which One is Better?

360 Liposuction
This 48-year-old female patient had 360 liposuction using high definition VASER liposuction – right oblique view
360 Liposuction

A 48-year-old female patient had 360 liposuction using high definition VASER liposuction – frontal view

360 Liposuction

This 48-year-old female patient had 360 liposuction using high definition VASER liposuction – right view

360 Liposuction

See this 48-year-old female patient had 360 liposuction using high definition VASER liposuction – rear view

This 48-year-old female patient had 360 liposuction using high definition VASER liposuction – rear oblique view

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Advantages of 360 Liposuction Versus Area by Area Liposuction

In this article we will look at two different approaches, 360 liposuction, or area-by-area liposuction. Each technique offers unique advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right approach depends on which suits your personal needs.

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures as it removes fat from stubborn areas where exercise and diet often fail. Liposuction should not be seen as an alternative to losing weight but a solution to eliminating fat from problem areas. Many patients say these areas do not respond to diet or exercise. For example, the love handles in men are one of these areas that do not respond to exercise. In women, the lateral thighs can be very stubborn despite your best attempts to stay healthy and in shape.

Benefits of 360 Liposuction

360 liposuction has been increasingly chosen by women and men who want dramatic results with a single procedure. This approach is superior if you desire contouring of your entire torso, meaning your front, back, and sides. 360 liposuction provides goals that:

  • Eliminate fat from all concern areas
  • Shapes the body in a 360 manner much as if you are a sculpture
  • Uses fat like puddy to transfer to fill in or augment desired areas

When 360 liposuction is used in a high definition body contouring setting, then it is called liposculpture.

As it is a circumferential approach, it guarantees greater symmetry in the immediate and long-term postoperative period. This means patients achieve a transformative shape when you view them from all angles. It also lessens the frequency of needing any future body contouring surgeries.

More Areas

360 liposuction or circumferential liposuction involves treating the entire torso, including the upper, middle, lower abdomen, upper, middle, lower back, armpits, waist line, flanks, love handles, lateral thighs, medial thighs, and even the pelvis, hips, and buttocks. Due to the number of areas your plastic surgeon sculpts, the contouring changes are more noticeable, allowing patients to obtain proportionate, aesthetically harmonious and superior outcomes.

Recovery from 360 Liposuction

Although the 360 ​​approach involves improving multiple areas, the recovery is slower than an area by area liposuction approach. At Surgisculpt, we use VASER Ultra-Sound Assisted liposuction, which is gentler on underlying tissues, allowing clients a faster, less painful recovery. 

Patients should not expect to resume daily activities for at least a week. Strenuous physical activity like going to the gym can resume as early as three weeks after surgery. If your plastic surgeon includes excisions in your 360 body contouring plan, then you may require two to three weeks to resume routine activities and four to six weeks for strenuous activities.

Recovery varies from patient to patient depending on your pain threshold as well as from surgery to surgery. As such, it is essential to follow the surgeon’s particular recommendations to ensure that the final results are optimal.

Area-by-Area Liposuction

Area-by-area liposuction, is used to remove fat from localized, specific areas, typically one or two at a time. These areas can include the abdomen, back, thighs, buttocks, arms, neck, and even the chest in men. PLiposuction of the chest in men is used routinely to treat gynecomastia, coined to describe a feminized male  chest appearance. 

This procedure focuses on removing fat from identified, specific problem areas.

Most frequent localized areas that you might focus on individually are:

  • Lower belly
  • Outer thighs or saddle bags
  • Flanks or love handles
  • Under arms to eliminate bat wings
  • Chest to improve gynecomastia
  • Chin and neck

Benefits of Area-by-Area Liposuction 

Area by area liposuction will reduce the density of fat cells in a specific area, and subsequently improving the bulky appearance of a particular area. This approach is ideal if you only have one or two specific areas to address. Liposuction offers permanent results as long as you maintain a healthy weight. The most benefit of area by area liposuction is that you can complete this procedure under local anesthesia. This means no grogginess from having to be administered general anesthesia. Area by area liposuction also benefits from a quicker recovery with return to routine activities in just a few days!

Risks of Area by Area Liposuction

All surgeries carry their risks, but area-by-area liposuction carries possible risks that include:

Compromised Silhouette – Because the focus is on a single area, some asymmetry may result from fat removed in a localized fashion; this is because contouring of a single region will lose the ability to smoothen the transitions between the areas liposuctioned and adjacent areas.

Long term body contour changes – When localized areas of the body are contoured, clients risk changes in other areas of the body with weight change. This undesirable change may result since decreasing the density of fat in a single area that has been  liposuctioned then risks increase in prominence of non-liposuctioned areas, that maintain a higher density of fat. 

Recap – The Differences Between 360 Liposuction and Area by Area Liposuction

The most significant difference between both surgeries lies in the approach. Although both consist of extracting fat, the results and patient satisfaction can vary significantly.

Area-by-area liposuction extracts fat from one or two areas at a time and not necessarily in other related areas. 360 ​​liposuction addresses all concern areas simultaneously, extracting more significant volumes of fat. The results can be night and day.

However, although liposuction with a circumferential approach is more comprehensive, it is not indicated for all patients. If you want to get rid of fat from only one or two areas of ​​your body and don’t have the luxury for a more prolonged recovery, then the ideal approach is with an area by area liposuction approach. 

The most notable difference is that the 360 ​​liposuction allows your surgeon to create a masterpiece transformation. This is because the entire body can be treated like a glorified statue. If a surgeon possesses an artistic eye and surgical skill, they can reshape your entire figure as the fat is extracted, harvested, and transferred to places where more curves or volume is desired. 


With area-by-area liposuction, the results are more discreet. Others may not notice the difference unless you point it out to them. Of course, how apparent the results are will depend on how prominent the area of concern was to start with. Additionally, you must be vigilant about no gaining weight, since it will show in other areas of the body that maintain a higher density of body fat.

As a rule, results are more evident and dramatic with 360 liposuction. After several weeks to months, the final results are most realized as the inflammation and swelling resolve. The results are permanent as long as you watch your diet and exercise. If you gain minimum weight, your body will camouflage the weight gain since you have universally normalized the density of fat throughout your body.

What Liposuction Alone Cannot Do

Area by area liposuction does not eliminate stretch marks, cellulitis, scars, or other irregularities like lax skin. If a significant amount of fat is removed from one area, like the belly, the skin’s quality and the patient’s age determine if the skin has the elasticity to snap into place. With good elasticity, j-plasma skin tightening can enhance the skin’s tautness without surgically removing skin. 

If the patient has lost skin elasticity or has stretch marks, or there is extensive amount of skin redundancy, it may be necessary for your surgeon to remove excess skin, called excisional surgery. An experienced surgeon will minimize scaring and ensure placement of the incisions lines in positions that will be hidden by clothing, undergarments, and even bikinis.

The Bottom Line

The best liposuction solution, 360 or area by area, is the one that is right for you. When considering your best option for liposuction, start with what results you are looking for and how many areas of your body you would like to address. You must also consider your recovery time. Then make an appointment for your consultation and discuss your goals and desired outcomes with our surgeons so that we can help you create the right plan for your body.

What’s Next?

Deciding whether 360 liposuction or area-by-area liposuction is right for you necessitates a comprehensive evaluation by a SurgiSculpt surgeon. Please fill out the consultation form or call us today at 1(888) 919- 0054.

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