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Liposuction in 2023

Liposuction in 2023

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Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure typically performed by a plastic surgeon. There will be significant changes in liposuction procedures in 2023. This advancement stems from increasing the capacity of fat removal. It is possible to remove more fat thanks to ultrasound-assisted liposuction.

Advantages of Liposuction in 2023

Now, liposuction in 2022 is one of the few surgical procedures that can produce transformative body contour improvements because of several advantageous factors.

Increased fat removal capacity

Liposuction in 2023 allows for the removal of 40% more fat than previously possible. Traditionally, liposuction was unable to remove fat deposits from the superficial layer. This is because the superficial layers contain very tight compartments. Fibroseptal networks of connective tissue separate these compartments, which do not allow the free flow of liposuction cannulas. In contrast, VASER liposuction allows the melting of the fat in deep and superficial layers.

Therefore, removing the fat from the deep and superficial layers is possible. Even though the liposuction cannulas can only fit in the deep layer, removing the deep layer of fat allows superficial fat to leek into the deep layer, making it amenable to removal.

More comprehensive removal of fat means more dramatic changes to your body contour. In addition, liposuction in 2023 allows for body contouring of even athletic and thinner patients. These patients have very little deep fat and maintain most of it in the superficial layer.

Fewer contour irregularities

Liposuction in 2023 allows for fewer contour irregularities. It is essential to avoid creating loose skin through liposuction and the patient’s skin elasticity. We can ensure a smooth contour following fat removal by melting the fat into a liquid consistency. The fat left behind settles evenly by being in a liquid state.

The analogy we use with patients is, “Like putting olive oil in a pan, it will lie smoothly in the bottom of the pan.” Similarly, the fat left behind in your body will settle evenly and provide a smooth contour.

Fat can be removed selectively.

Liposuction in 2023 means the creation of muscle highlights. Muscle highlights are possible using selective fat removal. The first step is removing deep fat from areas of concern. Selective removal of fat from the superficial layer can help create muscle highlights.

For example, removing fat from the natural gulleys of the rectus muscles on the abdomen creates four-packs and six-packs.

Liposuction in 2023: Optimized Fat Transfer

Liposuction in 2023 means optimizing the transfer of fat throughout the body. Fat transfer for the buttock is gaining popularity, termed BBL.

Until recently, fat transfer to the buttock was compromised by the significant loss of buttock volume as early as six months following surgery. This is thought to occur because of injury to fat cells during the harvesting process.

With traditional liposuction harvesting techniques, it is felt that the fat cell gets nicked as they are being ripped out with the cannulas. However, ultrasound energy is thought to melt the fat into a single fat cell state and a more liquid state.

The siphoning of the fat cells in this state is felt to save more fat cells from this injury. Transfer of intact fat cells results in optimized BBL outcomes with permanent retention of 90+ percent of volume. In summary, liposuction in 2023 has advanced dramatically due to the use of ultrasound energy.

Body contouring transformation is now a reality with stunning results.

Please see this 31-year-old female demonstrating an incredible transformation with some advanced liposuction techniques utilized by SurgiSculpt surgeons in 2023.

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