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Brazilian Buttock Lift Riverside

Brazilian Buttock Lift Riverside
Brazilian Buttock Lift Riverside

Please see our 28-year-old female Brazilian Buttock lift Riverside patient who underwent a BBL with high-definition liposuction of the back and flanks.

If you live in Riverside and desire a Brazilian Buttock Lift, we urge you to consider taking a field trip to Los Angeles to see our SurgiSculpt expert surgeons.

SurgiSculpt is a central hub for buttock lift surgeries throughout the west coast. That is why Brazilian Buttock lift Riverside patients should take advantage of living less than an hour from our headquarters.

SurgiSculpt physicians are some of the Best Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgeons.

Why should Brazilian Buttock Lift Riverside patients consider the SurgiSculpt for their surgical needs? Patients should choose our center because we specialize in superior buttocks reshaping outcomes.

SurgiSculpt implements several proprietary protocols that provide Riverside patients superior outcomes. First, the butt lift is performed using a 360-degree body contouring approach. This means not only will your Buttock look better, but also the frame around your Buttock where the fat cells have been removed will look better. Next, our surgeons ensure that excess skin is not created when removing the fat cells for fat transfer. When skin redundancy is minimal, then Renuvion J plasma is used to tighten the skin. Then skin redundancy is moderate; then skin excision may be employed. The Surgical procedures recommended during this cosmetic surgery are customized to your needs.

Specifically, the Buttock Assessment Tool was created so that our Riverside patients may choose the desired shape and size of their buttocks. During your initial consultation, you will be provided with this tool to hone in on your desired BBL outcome. Additionally, using this tool, you can communicate the exact Brazilian Butt Lift you desire. If you want to appreciate why patients travel thousands of miles to receive treatment from our SurgiSculpt surgeons, you should complete a complimentary consultation before choosing your surgeon.

The Closed Loop System

The final reason to choose SurgiSculpt for your Riverside BBL needs is that we stress safety and superior graft takes using our proprietary Closed Loop System. The closed-loop system describes the ability to make this popular procedure more refined during the harvest, processing, and transfer phases. Using a completely closed tubing system and a specialized canister, the fat cells are not exposed to the outside environment. By not allowing the removed fat cells to be exposed to the outside environment, the risk of infection is dramatically reduced. Next, the closed-loop system ensures optimum fat cell viability and graft take. Improving fat graft viability results from minimizing out-of-body times by making the processing of fat more efficiently. Maximizing fat graft take makes it feasible to maximize your Brazilian Butt Lift volume retention of the fatty tissues.

Postoperative management

Our Riverside patients will be provided customized postoperative instructions to optimize their healing. First, we utilize individualized in-lay foam dressings in preoperatively fitted compression garments. Wearing this outfit will ensure both comfort and improved graft take. Patients who are compliant with wearing garments will typically describe minor discomfort as the pressure from the garments will temporize the pain fibers. More importantly, wearing garments for several weeks after surgery will ensure the maintenance of the buttock shapes created during surgery.

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