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How to Get an Innie Belly Button with a Tummy Tuck

How to Get an Innie Belly Button with a Tummy Tuck
Liposuction - How to Get an Innie Belly Button with a Tummy Tuck

Please see this 37-year-old female following an advanced modified HD tummy tuck.

Ever wonder how to get an innie belly button with a tummy tuck? Tummy tucks have been traditionally plagued by the appearance of an aesthetically unappealing belly button created in the middle of the abdomen. As a tummy tuck revision center, I see suboptimal belly buttons weekly. The most common concern is the belly button incision line ring that is too large and visible as a target over the front surface of the belly.

Other belly buttons are deformed and scar ridden or made too small. These side effects of tummy tucks, in essence, have compromised the ultimate outcomes of this procedure and have forbidden female patients from wearing two-piece bikinis for fear of exposing their unattractive belly buttons.

Moreover, it has dissuaded most men, who are often shirtless, from considering undergoing a tummy tuck procedure.

At our center, we have prioritized creating attractive and hidden belly buttons that patients can be proud of. This has resulted in our female clients boasting of and wearing two-piece bikinis! We also have a large male client base now undergoing tummy tuck surgeries if they present with abdominal skin redundancy.

The creation of innie belly buttons requires several maneuvers. First, the umbilical stalk must be trimmed and secured to the abdominal fascia. This allows for the future belly button ring, i.e., no umbilicus, to be sewn down to the belly button stalk.

This maneuver ensures that the belly button ring falls into the shadow of the belly button and is not visible. In order to be able to identify the belly button stalk that has been fixed to the fascia, accurate localization of this stalk is required following the redraping of the abdominal skin.

This is because the umbilical stalk does not have the slack to reach far, so the location of the new umbilicus must fall directly over the trimmed and fixed umbilical stalk. To accurately identify this stalk, we utilize an umbilicator.

The umbilicator is a proprietary tool designed by our SurgiSculpt surgeons and published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. The umbilicator is temporarily secured to the umbilical stalk and allows for the stalk to be located by palpation such that the neo-umbilical ring is created directly over the stalk.

Get an Innie Belly Button with a Tummy Tuck

In summary, accurate detection of the umbilical stalk is critical to creating an innie belly button with the neombilicus ring sewn in the shadow of the new belly button. Creating an innie belly button is critical to achieving superior tummy tuck results.

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