How to Maximize Waistline Narrowing

Maximize Waistline Narrowing
30-year-old female following mini tummy tuck – right lateral view

Maximize Waistline Narrowing

Maximize Waistline Narrowing

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How is waistline narrowing achieved?

In order to optimize waistline narrowing it is critical to maximize removal of soft tissues from the mid torso. From the front, this involves the area that spans between the anterior rib cage and the anterior hip bone. The anterior mid torso zone is designated as the external oblique since it is where the external oblique muscle is located. This zone must be completely debulked spanning from the semilunaris line that defines the lateral border of the rectus muscles and over to the vertical axillary line. The Vertical axillary line is denoted by a vertical line that is drawn from the anterior axillary fold down to the midpoint between the anterior and posterior thigh edges. The vertical axillary line is positioned along the anterior axillary line in order to maximize the amount of soft tissue fat that can be removed from waist region. This is because 80% of the fat from the waistline can only be accessed from the back. 

Maximize Waistline Narrowing

How is waistline narrowing performed?

To maximize waistline narrowing, the fat from the mid torso must be removed from the back. This involves port holes that are positioned in the venous dimples that correspond to the posterior superior iliac spine. The fat is then removed from the region of the mid back and lower back and flanks that extends from the posterior rib cage down to the posterior hip bone. Being mindful that 80% of the waistline fat must be removed from the back, it is critical to be aggressive with the liposuction performed. Interestingly, the fat in this region is unique in that it presides in three layers that include the superficial, middle, and deep layers. This is in contrast to all other areas where fat exists only in the superficial and deep fat layers. As such, it is critical to position the patient in multiple angles that include being on your belly and on your obliques using a specialized lifting technique. Another critical tool that allows for comprehensive fat removal is the VASER ultrasound assisted liposuction. The ultrasound allows us to increase the capacity for fat removal from the deeper and middle fat layers that are more fibrous in nature than all other areas in the body. What would be incomplete and take several hours can be removed efficiently and completely in a matter of one hour using VASER ultrasound technology.

The final component to waistline narrowing is to ensure that that exaggerated waistline debulking must be sculpted to provide a smooth transition between the mid torso and the lateral hips and the mid-upper back. If you are interested in maximizing waistline narrowing, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our SurgiSculpt coordinators so that we can send you more educational material.

This 30-year-old female 1-month following her waistline narrowing procedure resulting in narrowing of her torso and improved figure in clothes. This patient demonstrates a jump from 6 to 8 points on the HDL body scale!

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