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Buttock Enhancement with Buttock Reduction

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Buttock enhancement is traditionally associated with buttock enlargement. However, a review of our buttock enhancement patients has demonstrated that nearly thirty-five percent of our patients have a net decrease in the overall buttock size. Hence, buttock enhancement entails improvement in buttock shape rather than shear enlargement of the buttock size.

Could this be true? It becomes evident, as you evaluate buttock shape goals, that a small minority of patients desiring buttock enhancement desire a reduction in size rather than an increase in buttock volume.

Correcting the Buttock Frame

Why is it that buttock enhancement may result in buttock volume reduction? This is because the frame around the butt proper universally requires reducing the prominence of the lower back and flanks as well as the lateral thighs and medial thighs, reducing the buttock region. As a result, even though more volume is added to the lateral mid-buttock and central upper butt, the net removal of fat from the frame, in fact, results in a smaller buttock size overall in a good minority of buttock enhancement patients.

A Buttock Tuck

Another set of patients may possess a drooping buttocks mound that is evident by an overly long buttock mound in the vertical vector and skin redundancy noted along the bottom of the buttock that can have a cellulite appearance.

The goal in contouring these buttock mounds involves lifting the buttock and making the buttock shorter in the vertical vector. This is achieved by performing a formal buttock lift, medically termed a buttock lift. This differentiates it from the Brazilian Buttock Lift, which refers to buttock enhancement with fat grafting transfer rather than an actual lift.

Buttock Reduction

Finally, a minority of patients may desire buttock enhancement with buttock reduction because they feel that their buttock volume is too large and out of proportion to their body size.

For example, patients may feel that their legs are too thin to accommodate a generously sized buttock mound size. Some complain that their jeans no longer fit over their buttock mound. A patient who has undergone a Brazilian buttock lift may change their mind as they get older and are tired of carrying their generous and heavier buttock mound.

Please see this 35-year-old patient with a larger, lower buttock than she liked.

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