Eliminating Upper Abdominal Skin Rolls with Tummy Tuck

Eliminating upper abdominal skin rolls is one of the most popular requests from a tummy tuck surgeon. The resented muffin top appearance describes the upper abdominal skin roll and fullness that makes your stomach appear like a muffin or mushroom.

However, what many people may not appreciate is that while a tummy tuck incision is made around the lower abdomen/waistline, the upper abdominal skin roll can be eliminated with this tummy tuck incision. In fact, a full tummy tuck is the most effective plastic surgery procedure to definitely remove both excess skin and fat simultaneously.

The full abdominoplasty surgery differs from a mini tummy tuck in that it involves the detachment of the umbilical stalk (belly button). This maneuver allows for the elimination of both the lower and upper abdominal loose skin, excision of stretch marks, and repair of the abdominal muscles because of the more generous surgical dissection. This surgical procedure contrasts a mini tummy tuck that utilizes a limited surgical dissection which cannot achieve these tasks.

At your initial consultation with our high-definition body contouring specialist, you will be evaluated using the high-definition liposuction body scale. Your HDL body scale will determine whether a full tummy tuck is necessary to get your abdomen to a perfect 9 or 10 on the body scale. If you fall below a 5 score on the scale, no degree of liposuction or mini tummy tuck will eliminate your upper abdominal skin roll.

To get your stomach to a 9 to 10 high-definition standard, you would first require a full tummy tuck to get rid of all the excess skin and raise you to a 7 or 8 score. Three months after this surgery, you can get high-def abdominal etching with VASER liposuction to complete your abdominal transformation and get you to the perfect 9 or 10.

If you want to eliminate upper abdominal skin rolls with a tummy tuck, contact Newport Beach plastic surgeon for a complimentary consultation today.

This 68-year-old female is three months after a full tummy tuck. Notice the significant appearance of upper abdominal skin rolls in the before photo. She is now ecstatic and proud of her smooth, slim stomach.

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