Medial thigh tuck for plus sized clients

Medial thigh tuck for plus sized clients


Introduction to Medial Thigh Tuck for plus sized Clients

The extent of fat excess and skin redundancy affects a medial thigh tuck for plus sized clients. The increase in both skin and soft tissues often extends from the inguinal groin down to and even below the knees. As a result, consideration of a groin-based medial thigh tuck is not feasible. This is because a horizontal cut limited to the groin crease will not provide the leverage to tuck out or trim the skin and soft tissues below the upper thigh level. Instead, plus sized clients interested in a medial thigh tuck should consider undergoing a vertical excision of their thighs. A vertical excision in the plus sized clients will ensure the elimination of all horizontal skin redundancy. This includes the entire leg extending from the groin down to and below the knees.

What are the advantages of a vertical medial thigh tuck for plus sized clients?

We reserve the vertical medial thigh tuck for plus-sized patients who desire improvement in their medial thigh contour. It has advantages and disadvantages when compared to the conventional groin thigh tuck. The advantages include optimizing leverage to remove skin and soft tissue redundancies throughout the entire inner leg and even the knees.

The single disadvantage of the vertical medial thigh includes a more visible incision line. This incision line can be visible when you are wearing a bathing suit and, or below your shorts. As such, it is prudent to limit the incision line inferiorly only as far as needed to eliminate skin and soft tissue redundancy but not any further than needed. In addition, the vertical incision is placed in a naturally occurring groove that can be observed in manikin at your local women’s clothing store. This groove is located between two inner muscle groups called the adductor magnus and longus.

Conclusion: Medial Thigh Tuck for plus sized Clients

In summary, the medial thigh tuck for plus sized clients is quite different than conventional medial thigh tucks. A consultation by a high definition body contouring expert is critical to establishing the length of surgical incision required. In addition, the length of the incision depends on the preferred short or skirt length worn by our clients.

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