HD Lipo 360 Body Contouring for the Massive Weight Loss Patients

HD Lipo 360 Body Contouring for the Massive Weight Loss Patients

45-year-old female patient following her high-definition body contouring procedure.

HD lipo 360 body contouring has been developed to help massive patients presenting with the melted candlestick phenomenon. What is the melted candlestick phenomenon in massive weight loss patients? It refers to the appearance of their severe skin redundancy that drapes down and appears like the wax that melts down from the top of a candlestick! This is the dark side of massive weight loss that nobody talks about. It is remarkable that even after tolerating major bariatric surgery, such as a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery, and all the hard work required to lose significant weight, patients are left with a significant deformity.

Massive weight loss patients represent a growing number of clients who have lost considerable weight, in most cases over 100 pounds. Unfortunately, they have left with severely loose and saggy skin following weight loss. This excess skin is not only aesthetically unappealing but also presents a functional compromise. Thankfully, given recent advances in body contouring, all the commitment to this journey is no longer in vain.

Due to advances made at HD lipo 360 body contouring centers, massive weight loss patients can now be offered a novel surgery that can not only eliminate the melted candlestick phenomenon, thus providing them life-altering benefits. HD 360 body contouring can now be offered safely to massive weight loss patients. HD stands for high definition. This surgery is an incredibly technical and intense procedure that involves treating all of the residual fat deposits and extra skin after weight loss in a circumferential manner. Patients’ surgeries are routinely started on the front, then turned from the front to the back and back to the front as needed to achieve superior contouring aesthetics.

HD 360 body contouring requires a multistep process. First, ultrasound-assisted liposuction is used to free the fat cells from the soft tissues that are high in density of connective tissues. Removing fat from high-density connective tissues is difficult using traditional techniques. The 2nd step requires using our pioneered traditional tucking procedures that allow us to perform simultaneous at the same time as the excisional surgery. Combining these two cosmetic procedures is also novel as it allows for removing residual fat and eliminating . These steps must be performed while creating a smooth junction between the front and back sides of the body. Fat transfer may replace volume in areas that may have deflated following massive weight loss, such as in the breasts and buttocks. A total body lifts surgical plan allows for the transformation of massive weight loss patients.

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