Why BBL Revision Cannot be Performed After Laser Liposuction

36-year-old female following her BBL revision using fat from virgin areas because BBL revisions cannot be done after laser liposuction.
Why BBL revision cannot be performed following Laser Liposuction
Why BBL revision cannot be performed following Laser Liposuction

Please see this 37-year-old female patient who underwent BBL revision with fat used from virgin areas because Laser Liposuction limits your BBL revision.

Brazilian Buttock Lift Revision

As a premier center for cosmetic procedures like butt lifts and BBL revisions, we are familiar with managing dissatisfied Brazilian Buttock lift clients from around the country. Clients come to us following Brazilian Butt Lifts either because they are unhappy with their volumes or not happy with their shape. This is why we have created the definitive Brazilian Buttock lift Assessment Tool. Our tool helps Brazilian butt lift revision patients hone in on the shape and size of the buttock and lateral hips they desire.

Using our Brazilian Buttock lift Assessment Tool and ultrasound-assisted liposuction, our plastic surgeon will perform your Brazilian Buttock lift revision procedure to achieve the butt lift results you want.

Your BBL Revision Consultation

During your initial consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon at SurgiSculpt, you will have the opportunity to choose amongst the various buttock shapes and sizes to ensure that you get the buttock of your dreams. In addition, SurgiSculpt will tally all of your fat deposits to gauge how much fat you can harvest for your desired Brazilian Butt Lift surgery outcome. One crucial question SurgiSculpt asks is how your fat cells were harvested for your initial BBL.

Various liposuction techniques can accomplish fat harvesting, including traditional liposuction technique, Air-sculpt, Tickle, water-jet, pulsatile, and Laser liposuction. Of the liposuction techniques above, Laser liposuction is the procedure of utmost concern. This is because Laser liposuction, branded as Smart lipo by a marketing company called Sonobello, literally drills holes through the fat cells, making them non-viable. Smart lipo can negatively affect fat cell viability. As a result, Laser Liposuction limits the efficacy of a revision BBL.

Why Can’t I Have a BBL Revision After Laser Liposuction?

So why can’t your plastic surgeon perform a BBL revision after Laser liposuction? When you see SurgiSculpt for a revision BBL, the board-certified plastic surgeon will meticulously tally all of your fat deposits. You must identify all areas that have previously undergone Laser liposuction. SurgiSculpt will remove all of the fat and scar tissue regardless of the liposuction technique. However, they will make sure not to use the fat from any areas that have previously undergone Laser liposuction.

SurgiSculpt will first use all of the fat from virgin areas that have not previously undergone any liposuction. Your plastic surgeon cannot perform BBL revision after Laser Liposuction. They will use ultrasound-assisted liposuction to ensure maximum viability of fat cells from areas not previously operated. Afterward, they will harvest areas that have been previously liposuctioned into another canister.

Your plastic surgeon will not save fat harvested from areas previously treated with Laser liposuction. This is why it is of utmost importance that you provide SurgiSculpt with your operative notes. This way, they can design your revision BBL for maximum success. Hopefully, this article helps you appreciate why your plastic surgeon cannot perform BBL revision after Laser liposuction. If a revision BBL interests you, we encourage you to set up a complimentary virtual consultation today.

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