Male Tummy tuck surgery

Male tummy tuck surgery is unique as it involves modifications of traditional tummy tucks initially developed to help moms following pregnancy. Females seek tummy tucks following pregnancy and childbirth to reverse the untoward consequences of stretched-out and loosened muscles and redundant skin. In contrast, men do not routinely experience an accelerated and severe increase in intra-abdominal volumes, as observed during pregnancy. In addition, men possess more significant muscle bulk that protects them from thinning the abdominal muscles. A small minority with extreme weight gain may need muscle tightening, but this is not the usual case. In these infrequent cases, muscle tightening is performed differently than in females. For example, muscle tightening in females is differentially accomplished with the muscles above the belly button tightening more aggressively than below the belly button. In addition, a more feminine curved contour line maintains an upper belly concavity and slight lower belly convexity.

In contrast, men possess a more linear appearance achieved by tightening the upper belly the same amount as the lower belly. Another consideration is the distribution of fatty deposits. Whereas men maintain most excess fat and loose skin below the belly button, women are more likely to maintain a uniform distribution of their fat above and below their belly buttons.

Incision line placement is critical in men as they typically do not want others to know they have had cosmetic work done. As such, incision lines must be limited in length and low on the abdomen, they are always positioned along the pubic region. The incisions can be hidden in their underwear, swimming trunks, and shorts, as men often like to be shirtless. In addition, the incision lines should be made as straight lines instead of smiley lines seen in females. The low incision line also helps with pubic fullness, which is often a concern of men more than women. Finally, limiting incision lengths prohibits wrapping incision lines around the flanks. When there is fullness in the love handles, consider Renuvion J plasma skin tightening rather than an extended tummy tuck.

Finally, men desire a quick recovery and muscle highlights. Since most men do not require muscle repair or plication, they substitute the traditional tummy tuck with the modified male tummy tuck developed at SurgiSculpt, the modified abdominal skin resection. In the modified abdominal resection, simultaneous high definition liposuction is combined with maximum removal of excess skin to provide a dramatic unveiling of abdominal muscles. The removal of fat deposits is a higher priority than the tightening of muscles. In addition, this surgical procedure takes advantage of limiting undermining to eliminate excess skin while employing VASER liposuction to eliminate excess fat. The modified abdominal skin resection procedure reduces discomfort since it avoids muscle manipulation. Finally, less aggressive skin resection culminates less incision line tension, resulting in less painful recovery and a well-healed surgical incision line.

In summary, male tummy tuck surgery is unique to the traditional tummy tuck surgery designed for females. It has alternative goals and modified procedures to achieve these milestones.


Male tummy tuck surgery requires the creation of a masculinized male abdomen that is depicted by eliminating both excess fat and skin redundancy and creating a square contour with abdominal muscle highlights. You will receive a customized abdominoplasty surgery design at your initial consultation to address your concerns. Successful cosmetic surgery of the abdomen requires the ability to communicate your goals and have your surgeon convey a surgical plan that will deliver results. Getting near your goal weight before surgery and avoiding fluctuations in weight after surgery is essential. Any weight loss plans should be completed before surgery, as a male tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure. 


Male tummy tuck surgery can be performed in as little as 2 hours. If you have excess skin and fatty deposits that extend to your back, your tummy tuck procedure will have to be expanded to include liposuction and Renuvion J plasma of the lower back and flanks. Loose skin can be tightened using the proprietary advantages of thermal energy applied to the collagen molecules located in the undersurface of the skin and throughout the soft tissues. Additionally, patients may wish to undergo simultaneous improvement of their chest appearance. These considerations will lengthen total operative times to as long as 5 hours.


Plastic surgery of the male stomach can be performed under local or general anesthesia. This cosmetic procedure removes excess fat and unwanted skin without disrupting muscle integrity.

Place of Treatment

Male abdominal surgery in a surgical suite is best.

Side Effects

Residual contour irregularities may arise if male clients engage in heavy lifting resulting in a tear of their abdominal muscles, called a hernia. Another side effect that may compromise your contour is weight fluctuation increasing in the gut or visceral fat. This will result in protrusion of your abdomen, much like the infamous beer belly. 


Male tummy tuck surgery patients will require two weeks of recovery before returning to non-physical work. Once off of their oral pain pills, they can resume driving. Ideal candidates for surgery who are near their ideal body weight will find the recovery period tolerable and prompt return to strenuous activities within several weeks after surgery. Remember that the additional incision placed by your tummy tuck surgeon will require you not to participate in physical activities for one month.

Duration of Outcomes

Male tummy tuck surgery will traditionally provide permanent results if patients do not undergo significant weight gain. Realistic expectations should include the resolution of stretched skin and unveiling of a masculine appearance. Remember that body contouring for men is not considered weight loss surgery. Still, the improvements in body contours will be dramatic and include a masculine physique, firmer abdomen, a straight waist, void of love handles, and elimination of excess fat cells and extra skin. A healthy diet and routine physical activity will help you maintain a healthy weight. Preserving your aesthetic goals will be realized by maintaining your ideal weight.


This surgery refers to an advancement in surgical algorithms wherein the male tummy is made more masculine and square in appearance rather than feminine and curvy during traditional tummy tuck surgery.

You are a good candidate for tummy tuck surgery if you are a man desiring a more chiseled abdominal appearance to achieve a six-pack.

First, your abdomen will be examined to check the degree of fat excess, skin redundancy, and muscle integrity that will guide your customized surgical plan. In addition, your health status will be evaluated and your laboratory values checked. Your nutrition will also be optimized to prepare you for surgery.

The most common concern following male tummy tuck surgery is to have contour irregularities related to skin redundancy. All efforts are made to ensure that skin redundancy will be eliminated by either tucking of the abdominal skin as well as minimally invasive skin tightening with Renuvion J plasma. Rarely, patients may require revision surgery to excise any residual redundancy.

Tummy tuck surgery for men is performed using VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction that allows for not only removal of fatty tissues but as well as strategic skin excision that allows for the removal of redundant skin but also avoids abdominal skin compromise of blood flow.

Male tummy tuck surgery recovery is tolerable with minimal to moderate pain especially when muscle repair is not required. Patient’s will find themselves dressed in customized compression garments. Garments should be worn for at least two weeks. Patients will typically be allowed to return to the gym and full physical activity at four weeks.

Male tummy tuck surgery utilizes a limited incision line that is placed low and within the hip bones.

There are negligible scars following male tummy tuck surgery since the resection of skin is performed conservatively so that the tension on the incision line is minimized

You can typically return home following male tummy tuck surgery unless more extensive surgeries are being performed synchronously.


Whether or not your muscles are repaired during male tummy tuck surgery is dependent on whether the muscles have stretched out or not. Most men who have not experienced severe weight gain will not require muscle repair.

Since an incision line and belly button re-insetting is needed during male tummy tuck surgery you should wait a minimum of 3 weeks prior to initiating physical activity.

You will notice an improvement in your abdominal appearance right away following male tummy tuck surgery. You will notice a total transformation of your abdominals even the day after surgery but will observe generalized swelling set in at 1 week that will resolve after 1 month following surgery.



I came into the office for botox and Juvederm with my best friend.The Dr was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. Both procedures were pain free and the results were amazing and subtle. I have been getting lots of compliments about how refreshed I look. Will definitely be recommending him to all my friends!!

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