Hip Augmentation by the Surgisculpt surgeons is worth a look

Hip Augmentation


52-year-old female following her buttock augmentation surgery, which included hip augmentation.

The most recent trend in aesthetic transformations involves hip augmentation. Hip augmentation involves the addition of fat to the lateral hip region to create the aesthetically desired maximum lateral hip fullness characteristic of the hourglass figure. The second benefit of the hip augmentation surgical procedure is that it is performed as a supplement to central buttock fat grafting in patients that desire maximum enlargement of their buttock region, termed the bubble butt.

Bubble butt, as depicted by its name, describes the cosmetic procedure of maximally enlarging and rounding out the buttock. The procedure ensures maximum central buttock projection and lateral buttock fullness. The second benefit of hip augmentation is to create a smooth transition from the lateral hips down to the lateral thighs and up to the lower lateral back and flanks, thus eliminating this undesirable double bubble appearance. Creating a smooth transition is a prerequisite to achieving aesthetically pleasing, feminine lateral contour lines. Interestingly, there is significant variability in the volume and positioning of fat transfers.

For example, suppose you maintain more generous girth in your legs, such as generous lateral thighs. In that case, you will benefit from more generous volumes of hips and lower-positioned fat transfer surgical design. Alternatively, if you possess narrower legs, you may require more conservative hip augmentation volumes positioned higher up on the hips.

Another consideration involves ensuring a smooth transition of the hips with the lower back and flanks. The narrower the waistline created, the more conservative the hip augmentation can be performed. Remember that our goal is to ensure smooth contour transitions between the lower back and flanks and the lateral buttock and hips. So the more lean your waistline is, the less fat cell transfer is required to fill your hips. Conversely, if you possess a wider waist, you will require a more generous fat transfer in your cosmetic surgery plan to achieve feminine curves.

At SurgiSculpt, you can communicate both your hip volumes and positioning using our proprietary Buttock Augmentation Assessment Tool. The Brazilian buttock assessment tool will help you visualize the hip size and shape and shape of your central buttock proportions.

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