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Fat Grafting In Males

Fat Grafting In Males
Please see this 44-year-old male who demonstrates fat grafting in males.

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Are you interested in contouring your body to make it more masculine? Fat grafting in males to focal areas can help shape and contour the body to create more desirable masculine features, such as a body ripped like a bodybuilder. How does fat grafting in males create a more masculine appearance?

The gold standard for fat harvesting is VASER liposuction, which stands for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance. This highly specialized can contour the male body aggressively by being able to remove the fat comprehensively by utilizing ultrasound energy.

VASER liposuction allows for maximal fat removal from both the deep and superficial layers, allowing for 30–40% more fat removal than . The fat is melted using ultrasound energy to gently remove it without damaging fat cells. As a result, fat cells are 90% viable and available for transfer to strategic areas that can benefit from bulking.

Liposuction goals in males are quite different than in females. Fat is removed in males to make the male body flat and square, removing any rounded, feminized areas.

can also be used for etching the musculature to give strong defining muscles, such as the desired “six-pack” and/or a square masculine chest. Once the fat cells are removed, fat grafting in males can be accomplished by transferring the fat cells into specific musculature to give a firm, stronger appearance.

Fat Grafting In Males Versus Females

Specific muscles in males have been identified that can benefit from increased bulking. For example, in the shoulder region, the deltoid muscles can be injected with approximately 50 to 100 cc of fat to improve arm bulk and masculinity. Although the deltoid has three separate leaves, the middle deltoid is the bulkier and preferred muscle to bulk up.

In the chest, the pectoralis major muscle can be grafted with approximately 100 to 200 cc to bulk up the medial pectoralis muscle, thus resulting in a stronger medial vertical bulk that contrasts with the central sternal line.

In addition, the lower lateral breast can be grafted to square off the chest appearance by creating an armor plate appearance with a more linear rather than rounded perimeter. Buttock fat grafting in males is also performed to help masculinize the butt cheeks so that they are flatter and more square than rounded, as in females.

Specifically, the gluteus medius can be grafted along the upper lateral buttocks, thereby enhancing the buttock to the lower back shelf. This action has an aesthetically appealing effect and serves a functional role in helping keep the pants up.

In addition, the lower lateral buttocks can also be grafted with fat in the subcutaneous layer to square off the buttock cheek. In contrast to females, who can tolerate 500 to 1000 cc of fat transfer to each cheek, males typically require no more than 200 to 300 cc of fat grafting to each buttock cheek.

Moreover, whereas females universally desire to fill their mid-butt region, called the lateral gluteal groove, males prefer to keep this gluteal dip void of volume to create a leaner appearance. Finally, the calves, specifically the gastrocnemius muscles, can be fat-grafted with approximately 50–150 cc of fat to create a stronger, more athletic lower leg appearance.

If you are a man and interested in fat grafting, a complimentary consultation will help you understand what male enhancement will work for you.

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