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Laser Lipo vs VASER Lipo

Smart Lipo
Laser lipo vs VASER lipo
Smart Lipo - Laser lipo vs VASER lipo

46-year-old female with abdominal etching with VASER liposuction. Harvested fat was redistributed to her buttocks for a natural BBL

This patient was considering laser lipo vs. VASER lipo and decided to go with VASER!

If you have had any interest in body contouring surgery procedures over the past few years, you have most likely seen ads for Smart Lipo by Sonobello. With extremely prevalent advertisements, Smart Lipo may look like the ideal procedure for your body contouring needs. However, what is Smart Lipo, and is it so great? Is it as great of a machine for removing fat deposits as advertised? So, let’s learn more about Laser lipo vs. VASER lipo.

Laser Liposuction

The generic term for Smart Lipo is laser Liposuction. Various brand names have been introduced, such as Airsculpt, Smart Lipo, and Sonobello, to describe the basic machine of laser liposuction. It is a liposuction technique that utilizes laser energy to melt the fat before liposuction. If this sounds familiar, it should! VASER liposuction also melts the fat before liposuction to allow for extensive fat reduction surgery.

However, how come when you compare VASER liposuction before and after results to Smart lipo, the results are so dramatically different? What are the differences between Laser lipo vs. VASER lipo?

Laser Lipo vs VASER Lipo

The first major difference between the two devices is the shear strength of the energy utilized to emulsify the fat.

First, VASER liposuction uses ultrasound energy to separate fat cells from each other; in essence, the fat cells go from a solid cluster state to a liquid single-cell state. Laser liposuction uses a laser beam that pierces the fat cells, thus melting them into a mush-like state. Furthermore, SurgiSculpt surgeons possess years of experience with both devices and can share with you the difference between both machines. A consultation with our SurgiSculpt team will help you appreciate whether VASER lipo versus Laser lipo is best for your needs.

An important differentiation between Smart lipo and VASER lipo is that using laser energy to melt the fat results in significant fat cell death. This is because Smart Lipo uses lasers to generate heat to pierce the fat cells before suctioning them out. This wastes viable cells since they cannot be utilized for fat transfer.

By destroying the cells, it is impossible to use your fat for various fat grafting procedures such as a breast augmentation or Brazilian buttock lift. Conversely, VASER liposuction results in fat viability of 90+%, which allows for amazing body contouring results that are long-lasting as well.

The next difference between Laser lipo and VASER lipo is the capacity for fat removal. This might be the most critical advantage of VASER liposuction over Laser liposuction. VASER liposuction allows you to reduce both deep and superficial fat layers compared to only the deep layer of fat with Laser liposuction. In the case of Laser lipo vs. VASER lipo, VASER liposuction is performed by trained surgeons at SurgiSculpt who can create incredible results by comprehensively removing the fat and grafting the fat areas of your choice to create your ideal body contour. It’s nothing short of magic!

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