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VASER Lipo Recovery

VASER Lipo Recovery
VASER Lipo Recovery

Please appreciate the detailed contouring achieved in this 33-year-old female post-VASER recovery of the abdomen, back, and flanks.

Patient demonstrating of the abdomen, back, and flanks. Note the new waistline curves liposuction of the abdomen, back, and flanks.

VASER Lipo Recovery is a critical component of the VASER liposuction protocol. The first ten days following your high-definition contouring surgery are very important to ensure maximum contouring potential.

Vaser Lipo Recovery Process

During your first ten days following your body contouring, you will be scheduled for at least four and as many as eight lymphatic massages. The reason lymphatic massages are so critical to your VASER Lipo Recovery is as follows.

First, you must remember that VASER liposuction’s success stems from its proprietary ultrasound energy, which allows for the emulsification or melting of your fat cells. Although 90 to 95 percent of your fat deposits will be suctioned off, there is a 5% residual fat tissue that is maintained in your body that will smoothly settle in your body to ensure a smooth contour.

The residual liquid fat will typically convert back into a solid state within 1 to 2 weeks following your cosmetic procedure. It is this conversion phase that is critical to VASER liposuction recovery. If you consider liquid oil in a pan, you will appreciate that the oil always settles smoothly to the bottom of the pan. However, if you have a block of butter in the pan, it will remain a solid piece that projects up in the pan.

This is what occurs to the melted fat in your body. When lying down, it will be evenly spread throughout your body. However, as you start standing up and walking around, the liquid fat will drain down to the lowest part of your treated areas, typically over the pubic region and the upper buttocks.

The lymphatic massage will encourage your lymph nodes to collect any fluid collections and help drain any remaining fluid through your drainage bulbs, ensuring a smooth contour. In summary, VASER liposuction recovery dictates a steady series of lymphatic massages performed daily or every other day over the first ten days following surgery.

VASER Lipo Recovery Conclusion

In summary, VASER liposuction is quite different than traditional liposuction in that excess fluid will build up in the residual, remaining fatty tissues. Optimizing your nutrition, drains placement, wearing compression garments, and lymphatic drainage messages are routine parts of this recovery period. Suppose you are interested in achieving high-definition body contouring results. In that case, you must commit to maintaining an ideal weight, consuming a healthy diet, and being compliant with the regimen provided during the healing process.

Ultrasound waves create vibration amplification of sound that resonates through the tumescent fluid during this surgical procedure, ensuring comprehensive and controlled fat removal. This process, often termed cavitation, not only eases fat removal but also protects nerves and blood vessels, thus minimizing discomfort and bruising postoperatively. However, the postoperative recovery period is more strenuous. The activity must be limited, and frequent postoperative visits are a must.

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