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What to do if I Got Bad Liposuction?

What to do if I Got Bad Liposuction?
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This 42-year-old patient was unhappy with her body after bad . Now, see the results following VASER HD body contouring of the stomach, flanks, back, and BBL.

Have you asked yourself what to do if you get bad liposuction? Do you risk it again?

After putting hours into researching and choosing a surgeon, the last thing patients want to see are results that leave them worse off than before! So what does it look like? And more importantly, what can we do about it?

Signs of a Bad Liposuction Procedure

It is important to note that liposuction results typically take 3-6 months to stabilize. This is because of all the possible swelling from the procedure. Once your results are stable and final, what should you look for to tell whether or not you received bad liposuction?

Several contour and shape irregularities are clear signs of bad liposuction if you see yourself having any ripples and wrinkled skin in areas where lipo is, that is often a sign that not enough fat was removed from the area.

Another sign is the appearance of dents or divots in these areas, which result from being over-aggressive in liposuction. An improper post-operative protocol may also result in internal and external scarring.

Finally, any unevenness or irregularities in shape and contour can result from bad lipo. This happens for several reasons, such as taking out fat asymmetrically, fat grafting asymmetrically, or simply needing to know the patient’s exact preferences for their ideal aesthetic.

Liposuction Revisions

Some surgeons shy away from performing liposuction revision cases. It is often more difficult than a primary due to the irregular contour and possible scar tissue.

Furthermore, many patients interested in liposuction revisions had a bad experience the first time, so there are some hesitancy and fear in their decision.

Regardless, SurgiSculpt surgeons perform liposuction revisions weekly and have decades of experience with numerous secondary liposuction cases.

Keys to Correcting a Bad Liposuction Result

When performed by an experienced surgeon, VASER high-definition liposuction is the number one option for all liposuction revision surgeries. The main reason is that it allows for comprehensive fat removal of both the superficial and deep fat layers by melting the fat before liposuctioning it out.

In the case of divots, adding fat to a small region is too difficult, so the solution is to remove all the surrounding fat layers to make it even. A secondary advantage of this method is that it allows for even fat transfer and smooth results since the fat is more liquid.

All divots and skin rippling will be easily fixed to provide you with the originally desired smooth contour.

Finally, long, detailed initial consultations with tools such as our Buttock Assessment Tool and HD Liposuction Body Scale allows SurgiSculpt surgeons to know with absolute certainty that their patients are on the same page regarding the perfect look they desire. Please see the before and afters for an example of the noticeable improvement in skin texture and overall aesthetic results.

If you have bad liposuction results and want to fix them, contact us at SurgiSculpt for your complimentary consultation with our SurgiSculpt experts!

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