Viora External Radio-Frequency to Treat Hyper-Inflammatory Fibrosis

Viora External Radio-Frequency to Treat Hyper-Inflammatory Fibrosis

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Introduction: Viora external radiofrequency to treat hyperinflammatory fibrosis

Liposuction surgery clients are followed closely with frequent monitoring in the early postoperative period. For those undergoing HD 360 lipo, there is a mandatory overnight stay at one of our affiliated stay care facilities. The very following day, clients are transported for their first lymphatic massage. This provides an excellent opportunity to examine the skin and soft tissues to ensure appropriate healing and to rule out any skin compromise areas. If any skin compromise is noted, it is treated immediately with nitropaste topically which will dilate underlying vessels and promote a surge of blood flow to the area.

HyperInflammatory Fibrosis Onset

For the next 10 days to 2 weeks, patients followed up either daily or every other day to complete their serial lymphatic messages and to have the opportunity to evaluate their healing progress. Starting at approximately 1 to 2 weeks, some patients may experience hyper-inflammatory fibrosis which is soft tissue firmness with corresponding overlying skin tightness. This condition arises when there is an influx of immune cells in response to soft tissue irritation caused by exposure to various heat energies. Exposed heat energies include the ultrasound waves from VASER liposuction, helium plasma from the Renuvion skin tightening, and mechanical energy from the back-and-forth motion of the liposuction cannula are responsible for this side effect.

These energies can result in the irritation of soft tissue cells including the skin, fat, vessels, and nerve cells. Irritation of these cells may trigger an influx of immune cells that results in a hyper-inflammatory reaction in some patients.

This immune reaction starts with the arrival of monocytes that increase swelling and then the arrival of fibroblasts, which will trigger deposits of collagen molecules resulting in internal scar tissue. This internal scar tissue is the result of hyper-inflammatory fibrosis, observed as soft tissue firmness and overlying skin tightness that is shiny. When hyper-inflammatory fibrosis happens, it can last from 2 weeks to 2 months following surgery.

Best Treatment for Hyperinflammatory Fibrosis

When observed early, using Viora external radio-frequency can help taper swelling and fibrosis faster. When external radio frequency is added to manual message practices, it allows for multiple benefits that include:

  • Alleviating swelling and discomfort
  • Realigning unstructured collagen deposits
  • Redraping of the tightened skin


Viora external radiofrequency to treat hyperinflammatory fibrosis

To be effective against hyperinflammatory fibrosis a minimum of 3 sessions of Viora external radio-frequency, spaced out at 1 per week are recommended. Improvement in hyper-inflammatory fibrosis is observed immediately following treatment and resolution typically after the 3rd treatment. Hyperfinflammatory response will be nearly resolved by three months following surgery.

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