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Brazilian Buttock Lift Near Me

Brazilian Buttock Lift Near Me

Please appreciate the amazing results demonstrated by this 34-year-old female-year-old female who desired a Brazilian buttock lift near me.

Patients desiring Brazilian buttock lift near me should consider us for their buttocks reshaping and augmentation needs. We provide the highest standards for all phases of your Brazilian buttock lift journey, including:

  • Preoperative planning. Preoperative planning for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure requires optimizing multiple components of your surgery. First, we ensure optimal healing following your surgical procedure by encouraging you to increase your protein intake. We typically recommend 150 grams per day of protein supplementation to help you optimize your nutrition. Next, we ensure that you avoid unnecessary bleeding by providing a list of over 500 foods and supplements you should avoid starting one month before surgery. Finally, we urge you to stop smoking and consuming any nicotine products that will harm your skin’s blood flow.
  • Operative planning. In the operating room, we utilize detailed preoperative markings that guide SurgiSculpt surgeons sculpting Brazilian buttock lifts near me, patients. We use a modified tumescent solution cocktail to harvest the fat before fat injections. This tumescent solution used in Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries is safer since it has less Lidocaine, helps prevent hyperpigmentation with steroids, and decreases blood loss by adding epinephrine.
  • Postoperative management. Following your surgery, you will be wrapped in custom-fitted foam in-lay compression garments that will prevent unnecessary swelling and avoid skin wrinkling, a common cause of contour deformities in patients with excess skin. In addition, you will undergo aggressive lymphatic messages intended to ensure contour perfection by removing any unwanted residual fat material that may have been left behind during your fat grafting procedure. Finally, strenuous activities are avoided for approximately two weeks to allow the skin layer to heal.

Which Brazilian Buttock Lift Near Me Locations to Choose?

If you are considering a Brazilian buttock lift, I urge you to experience the high standards that we employ to ensure that you achieve your buttocks-reshaping goals. Patients interested in undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift near me should contact our office to set up a complimentary consultation.

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