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I had surgery with Dr. Moein at Moein Surgical Institute; I can not describe how thankful I am. He is very nice, and he pays attention to every little detail. Very caring doctor and staff also. Thank you, Doctor Moein. Coming back for more procedures!

By E.G. (Glendale, CA)
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Dr. Moein was referred by my best friend. I got the chance to meet both of my friends and Dr. Moein on my way back from a Disneyland trip with my kids.

On short notice, he accommodated me. He was very factual, precise, and extremely nice again in granting my request to do the surgery ASAP because of my wedding in 2 months.

I did all the lab work and X-rays needed to clear me for the surgery. Being my first surgery, anxiety started kicking in before surgery, but his confidence and calming approach made me comfortable.

My incision was so clean and looked like a fine line done by an artist. When it was seen by other colleagues (MD and nurses), I heard praises like "Wow, this looks so clean and perfect."

[I went] From a size 8, I'm now size 4 .. in just 2 months of my liposuction and tummy tuck. My friends noted the difference in my mood; they saw a new me, Happy and confident. Thank you, Doctor M... for everything. God Bless!

Patient HP. (Montelena, Brentwood, CA)
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I am a very picky patient. It is really hard for me to trust a doctor because I previously had bad experiences. I am very anxious when it comes down to plastic surgeries or any other procedures.

I’ve seen many doctors in New York and Russia. However, I failed to find someone who could satisfy all my needs.

I’ve heard about SurgiSculpt and Moein Surgical Arts from a friend in New York. She had a surgical procedure done by Dr. Moein. She was over the moon with her results and highly recommended him.

I decided to give it a chance. After a few bi-coastal Skype consultations, I flew to LA for the procedure. And it was totally worth it!!!

The doctor's professionalism, patience, and devotion exceeded all my expectations. I am not going to share what type of surgery I’ve received. However, I need to highlight that I am happy with the results and the whole process from the beginning to the end.

When I returned to NYC, whenever I had any questions, I was able to reach Dr.Moein. I know I can be intolerable sometimes, but he was always so patient and helpful. I can say that I found the doctor I would trust not only my body parts but my life as a whole.


By AT (New York City, NY)
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