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How Common is Buttock Implants

How Common is Buttock Implants
how common are buttock implants
how common are buttock implants

This is a 21-year-old female following VASER high-definition liposuction of the upper and lower back, flanks, and lower lateral thighs, fat grafting to the lateral buttocks and hips, as well as buttocks implant augmentation.

Have you wondered how common are buttock implants? Buttock implants are not as popular as a Brazilian Buttock lift and this is because of the high incidence of buttock implant complications.

National reports have reported a concerning rate of 1 in 5 failed implant cases that have caused many patients to avoid buttocks augmentation with buttocks implants. Fortunately, recent advances in buttock implant surgical protocols have allowed for a significant decrease in complication rates leading to extrusions. Minimizing the risk of complications during butt implant cosmetic surgery is essential to make it a viable surgical procedure when compared to the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Complication rates with buttock implant augmentation can be minimized with proper preoperative planning, operative management, and postoperative precautions. Preoperatively, a candidate for butt implants is asked to optimize her nutrition. This means ensuring 150 grams of protein intake per day so that your blood protein levels are optimized. Optimizing protein levels will ensure that you minimize swelling in the postoperative period that can lead to unnecessary pressures in the buttock region. Another precaution is to avoid all smoking as early as possible. Smoking will cause poor circulation in the skin, leading to tissue compromise and the breakdown of your incision line.

This common complication following butt implants can result in implant extrusion. Butt implant surgery is very complex and requires meticulous attention to detail. Attention to detail is critical when dissecting the implant pocket in the butt cheeks to ensure appropriate symmetry. In addition, a meticulous closure technique must be employed to minimize the tension in the buttock cheek. Postoperatively, compression garments must be employed around the clock. Wearing compression garments has two major roles. First, it minimizes swelling, which may increase pressure development in the gluteal muscles and soft tissues. In addition, the compression garment will avoid unnecessary traction on the incision lines that are prone to separation.

How Common is Buttock Implant Surgery for SurgiSculpt?

Buttock implant surgeries are not as popular as Brazilian butt lifts. This is because buttock implant surgeries should only be considered if you do not have enough fat. Suppose you are wondering how common buttock implants are. In that case, you can check on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website, where the number of surgeries performed each year is published. At our surgical center, we have only experienced one case of implant extrusion in over 12 years of performing buttocks implant augmentation. Remember that only if you do not have enough fat to undergo buttock augmentation with your fat will you be offered implants as a choice.

How common are buttock implants? Not as many buttocks implants are performed as buttock augmentation with fat transfer. When performed properly, buttock implant augmentation can effectively improve overall buttocks’ shape and volume.

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