Snatched Waist

Snatched Waist
This 52-year-old female patient underwent high definition vaser liposuction of the abdomen, back and flanks to create a snatched waist
Snatched Waist

Snatched Waist

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“I want my waist snatched,” has become a frequent request at Surgisculpt.

To discuss how we can achieve a snatched waist without waist trainers, we must first consider what a snatched waist is.

What is a snatched waist?  A dream waist is so much more than small waist size.  It’s the hourglass figure desired by so many.

What is a snatched waist?

A snatched waist refers to the creation of an exaggerated waistline described by the hourglass shape. The hourglass shape comprises a maximally narrowed waist that is interposed on a generous-sized hip and buttocks. The contour created by the hourglass best describes the Tilde curve “~.” This aesthetic contour line is desired by our female clients because it provides them with an exaggerated curved outline of their bodies. This contour aesthetics is preferred by female clients and contrasts linear and boxy lines desired by male patients. The exaggerated female curves are a staple of our culture and have transcended decades following the introduction of Betty Boop in the 1930s.

At Surgisculpt, our high-definition body contouring specialists are dedicated to providing you the opportunity to achieve exaggerated curves.  We can use fat transfer to provide a Brazilian butt lift and contour the hips.  This, combined with a slim waistline, creates the cinched waist look with or without a tummy tuck.  This figure transformation uses cosmetic surgery.  We do it every week!

At Surgisculpt, our high definition body contouring specialists are dedicated to providing you the opportunity to achieve exaggerated curves.

How we achieve a snatched waistline

In order to achieve a snatched waistline you must remove fat maximally from the region on the abdomen and back corresponding to the waist. Specifically, this region is located between the bottom of your ribcage and the top of your pelvic bone. The region of the waist where the fat must be removed is centered on the side or flank area. However, this waistline region is best accessed from the back. Specifically, 80% of the fat of the waist is removed when performing liposuction from the back. In order to maximally remove the fat from the waist, liposuction must be performed in three separate layers that include the deep, middle, and superficial fatty layers. The need to remove fat from three layers is unique to the waist only. This is in contrast to the upper, middle, and lower back region where fat is located only in superficial and deep layers. Another important consideration when creating a snatched waist is to make sure that the cored out waistline still maintains a smooth transition to the upper and middle back as well as to the flanks and lateral hips. This contour aesthetics is what separates the aesthetics particular to the female versus the more linear male contour lines that possess sharp transitions.

Snatched Waist Conclusion

In summary, a snatched waist describes a maximally narrowed waistline. What makes snatching of the waist challenging, are several fold. First, the fat from the waist exists in three layers and thus comprehensive fat removal is required to appreciate maximum narrowing. The second, is that despite maximal removal of the fat from the waistline, the transition from the waist to the adjacent upper and middle back as well as the lower back and hips must be smooth in transition. Creation of exaggerated curves that are smooth in transition requires skilled liposuction technique offered at Surgisculpt.

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