Advances in High Definition Liposuction Revision

A 41 year old female who had high definiton liposuction revision using the newest advances.

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Advances in high definition liposuction revision are being made continually. This is because this surgical discipline has only recently developed following the advent of new technology. 

Advances in High Definition Liposuction

The most important technology that has been introduced is the use of ultrasound energy, i.e. the VASER, to assist in fat removal.

Another more recent technology has been coined subdermal coagulation and refers to the ability to use Helium activated radiofrequency to tighten skin. The unique feature of this machine, called the Renuvion J plasma, is that it can tighten skin without the need for surgical excision lines and potential scars.

These two technologies have come together to allow for high definition liposuction to be the new GOLD STANDARD in body contouring. We have developed several advances in high definition liposuction that have been developed at our center and described below.

Advances in High Definition Liposuction: The Tilde Curve

Recent advances in high definition liposuction have focused on honing in on the ideal female aesthetic lines. The Tilde curve has been trademarked to describe the aesthetic line ideal that describes the female torso outline.

The Tilde curve has arrived from the Tilde Sign, “~”, which best describes the female silhouette lines, especially around the waist. By appreciating the Tilde curve nuances, surgeons are now better able to reconstruct the ideal body contouring lines.

Buttock assessment tool

Furthermore, advances in high definition liposuction have focused on improving Brazilian buttock lift outcomes. The buttock assessment tool has been developed by SurgiSculpt to help patients communicate their desired buttock size and shape to their surgeon.

Since SurgiSculpt is well regarded for Brazilian buttock lift revisions, he has had the luxury to see and correct disgruntled BBL patients. The two most common reasons for botched BBL results are not correcting contour irregularities and the other is not achieving the buttocks size and shape desired by the patient. The buttock assessment tool allows patients to literally choose the exact shape and size they desire.

The Vertical Axillary Line

Recent advances in high definition liposuction have focused on avoiding complications associated with ultrasound-assisted liposuction. One of the concerns surrounding ultrasound energy liposuction is that heat is produced at the tip of the ultrasound probe and that this can potentially cause burns. 

This is especially true when contouring the sides from both the front and back. As you overextend around the flanks, it is easy to have the tip of the ultrasound probe to hit the sides.

As such, SurgiSculpt developed the vertical axillary line which is intended to keep your surgeon safe so that he/she appreciates how fat they have to reach from each side without worrying about not being able to get to it from the other side. Using the vertical axillary line allows your surgeon to safely sculpt your sides and avoid any potential tip burns.

This is a 31-year-old patient following her high definition body contouring surgery.

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