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Brazilian Butt Lift

Newport Beach Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Newport Beach Style (BBL) Overview

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift, a BBL, has become the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery in the United States. Although the name Brazilian Butt Lift connotates a cosmetic lifting procedure, it is a filling procedure, not a lift! A Brazilian Butt Lift surgery represents the buttock's augmentation and reshaping with fat transfer. An alternative to the buttock enhancement surgical procedure with fat transfer is the buttock augmentation procedure with a silicone implant. In the later surgical option, a silicone implant is positioned over the central buttock region within the gluteus maximus muscle in the later plastic surgery procedure. Whereas the BBL procedure allows for augmentation and reshaping of the entire buttock cheek and even the lateral hips, buttock implant augmentation is limited to the central buttock cheek only.

A complex procedure, several measures must be taken to optimize the Brazilian Butt Lift results. These measures include preoperative preparation, following specific intraoperative protocols, and complying with postoperative instructions, and using a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with specialized training. These measures are advocated to ensure maximum fat cell viability and maintain gained results.

Preoperative Planning for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Preoperative planning is the first step in preparing for your Brazilian Butt Lift. Since you will undergo surgery, you should optimize your health and healing potential. This starts with optimizing your protein intake by consuming at least 150 grams of protein per day. Optimizing protein intake will ensure that your blood protein, called albumin is normal to high, thus preventing unnecessary leakage of fluid from the vessels into the soft tissues. Limiting soft tissue swelling is critical to ensuring fat cell viability since fat cells rely on the diffusion of nutrients for survival. Excess fluid around the cell will prevent the cell from receiving nutrients. Another benefit of optimizing protein levels is that you will have adequate capacity to heal incisions such as port sites or even longer surgical incisions, for example, should excisional surgery, such as a lateral thigh and buttock tuck, be needed. Final planning for any cosmetic surgery procedure involves making preparations for ample recovery time where your activity levels can be limited. Activity restrictions may extend up to one month after surgery until healing is completed. This means taking time off work and having appropriate assistance following surgery.

Surgical planning is another important component of a successful Brazilian Butt Lift. To begin with, all of your body mass fat stores must be identified so that your buttock and your body can be maximally contoured. Another reason to take inventory of the fat tissues is to ensure that adequate fat stores will be available to accomplish your desired BBL goals. Finally, communicating your desired buttock look is best achieved by using our Brazilian Buttock Assessment Tool. The Brazilian Buttock Assessment Tool allows patients to choose between several altered buttock shapes and sizes for their body type using caricatures.

Choose your ideal buttock size and shape using the Brazilian Buttock Assessment Tool Today.

Intraoperative Protocols for Brazilian Butt Lift

Intraoperative protocols have been designed to optimize Brazilian Butt Lift results by optimizing fat graft viability. Fat transfer procedure measures include:

  • Use of VASER liposuction to harvest fat cells during a Brazilian butt-lift procedure. VASER liposuction allows for optimized body contouring and harvests single-cell fat tissues that optimize fat graft take.
  • Limiting the negative pressure exposure intensity on the fat cells during fat harvesting and injecting during a Brazilian butt-lift. Pressure can harm cells just like if you are a scuba diver, you can get the bends from being exposed to higher underwater pressure changes. Using a closed-loop system with controlled fat expression and delivery roller allows your surgeon to avoid unnecessary pressure created by using traditional syringes.
  • Fat transfer techniques minimize transplant or out-of-body time to less than 30 minutes. Out-of-body time describes the delay from when the fat cells are sucked out of your body to the point when they are reinjected. The use of the closed loop canister system will help you autotransplant the fat cells in a prompt manner, thus optimizing fat graft take.
  • Fat cell contamination and infection can be minimized using a closed-loop and an antibiotic irrigation system. Processing fat cells requires removing the liquid portion of the aspirate to compact the fat cells. Meanwhile, the fat cells must be washed with antibiotic irrigation to minimize the risk of infection. Both of these precautions for the fat tissues are accomplished using the closed-loop canister system.
  • Optimize the contour of the rest of your body so that your buttock enhancement surgery is harmonious with improving your body contour. First, VASER liposuction is utilized since ultrasound energy can remove fat uniformly and comprehensively so that you can appreciate high-definition body contouring results. Second, a skin tone supplement may be needed to achieve high-definition Brazilian Buttock Lift surgery outcomes. When minimal to moderate sagging is present, the Renuvion J plasma skin tightening tool can be utilized. This skin tightening modality eliminates skin laxity of the back, flanks, lateral thighs, and buttocks without requiring an incision line. If moderate to severe buttocks sagging excess skin is present, a more invasive lateral thigh tucking procedure may be considered to eliminate either lower back and flank or lateral thigh loose skin redundancy. These skin contouring procedures are performed simultaneously with your VASER liposuction to achieve high definition Brazilian Buttock Lift surgery outcomes. In summary, sculpting and contouring of the entire back, buttocks, and legs are required to achieve superior buttocks-shaping results.

Complying with Postoperative Brazilian Butt Lift Instructions

Following your  Brazilian Buttocks lift, you will awaken from general anesthesia and find yourself wrapped with customized compression garments with foam inlays. You may also have some drains that you will need to care for. One of the biggest myths regarding the Brazilian buttock lift is the required use of a special pillow. Cosmetic surgeons who advocate using specialized pillows likely have a higher incidence of buttock volume loss. On the contrary, buttock volume loss is not due to not sitting on a special pillar but rather due to poor surgical technique, suboptimal surgical protocols, or poor compliance postoperatively. Instead, patients should be enumerated in the appropriate postoperative protocols. These include avoiding sitting in any one position for more than an hour.

Specifically, sitting upright is entirely safe as this involves sitting on your lower hip bone, called the ischium, where no fat is transferred. Patients must be cognizant of when they sit on a couch or while sleeping when they would put weight on their central buttocks cheek. Patients must realize that cells will tolerate up to one hour of pressure without fat necrosis. As such, we teach our Brazilian Buttocks Lift patients modified positions and to move from each side to their back continually. When you sleep, your body automatically will turn for you, so don't worry. An exciting concept we convey is that your skin is more sensitive to pressure necrosis or death than your fat cells. So if you were to mess up and convey prolonged harmful pressure on any given area on your buttock, you would observe skin loss before the fat loss. Just so you know – a final precaution you must consider revolves around minimizing unnecessary swelling. The first measure is to ensure continued intake of a balanced diet high in protein, and the second is to wear compression garments. Excessive swelling of the soft tissues of the buttock will result in your fat cells being unable to get their nutrients through diffusion. This is because when your plastic surgeon transfers fat cells, they have no direct access to blood vessels for the first 5 to 7 days following transplantation.

Brazilian Butt Lift Newport Beach BBL FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

High definition buttock shaping, i.e., Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, involves comprehensive analysis, surgical design, and implementation of fat transfer to the buttocks. Comprehensive analysis requires an appreciation of the ideal buttocks shape and size to create the optimum female silhouette.

Using our Buttocks assessment tool, patients are allowed to convey to SurgiSculpt the exact buttocks shape they desire. Surgical design requires creating a customized knowledge of back and buttocks contour and muscle anatomy to maximize fat removal.

In addition, skin redundancy needs to be accounted for as skin tightening using the Renuvion minimally invasive subdermal coagulation or an actual skin tucking such as a lateral thigh and buttocks tuck is required. Finally, the Vaser liposuction fat harvesting and Prograf fat processing are used to achieve 90 % fat transfer viability.

You are a good candidate for high definition Brazilian Butt lift if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your buttocks. Whether you want larger, smaller, or differently shaped buttocks, you will achieve your goals by following the high definition Brazilian buttock lift procedure protocols. In addition, if you have lateral thigh and lower back skin redundancy or buttocks sagging, you will be evaluated and recommended a minimally invasive Revuvion technology or a more invasive lateral thigh tucking skin tightening procedure.

You must plan for your high definition Brazilian Butt lift surgery. First of all, you want to be at your comfort weight. Comfort weight denotes a stable weight that you can hold for the rest of your life with little effort. It should be the weight that fits your healthy lifestyle and is typically based on your level of physical activity and eating habits. This is because SurgiSculpt treats your body like a canvas and makes beneficial changes that he expects to be permanent. As long as you are comfortable with your preoperative weight and do not plan to change your weight in the future, you will be assured to keep your improvements.

You can expect to achieve a stunning shape and your desired buttocks size. Using Vaser liposuction fat harvest and our closed-loop fat processing and transfer allows us to create consistently superior buttocks contouring results that are permanent. Recreating your ideal buttocks shape and size is achieved by having you choose your dream buttocks look using our Buttocks assessment tool.

Your high definition Brazilian buttocks Lift procedure will be performed in a surgical facility on-site.


High definition Brazilian butt lift procedure is performed using small port sites measuring less than 5 mm each. In addition, port protectors are used during the liposuction procedure to avoid any irritation or abrasion of the port sites that could result in scarring. Since longer surgical incisions are avoided, most patients will not experience any scarring risk. Even patients who present with minimal to moderate skin redundancy are treated with Renuvion skin tightening tool that is administered through the same port sites, thus avoiding incision lines associated with a tucking procedure.

When considering buttocks augmentation, two options are available; the first is to use your fat Brazilian Buttocks lift, and the second is a silicone butt implant. Before Vaser technology, we were limited in the amount of fat we could harvest. Today, we can harvest as much as 40 % more fat than previously possible. As a result, many patients who were not previously good candidates for a Brazilian butt lift procedure are now considered excellent candidates for a Brazilian Buttocks lift. On occasion, patients may choose to have a combination of buttocks augmentation with an implant to maximize central projection and fat transfer to the lateral hip region for increasing lateral fullness. A consultation with SurgiSculpt will allow you to determine whether fat transfer alone or in combination with a buttocks implant will work for you.

Since Brazilian buttocks lifts do not require surgical incision lines, healing time is limited to 1 week. Patients can return to non-physical occupations after one week and to physical activities and/or physical jobs no later than two weeks following surgery. Just a few weeks after surgery, you should feel great. Remember that your but will be flat for a few weeks since you will have been resting and lying on it, but it will relax and fluff out over there the first month as you realize your perfect body.


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He made me feel very comfortable...

I am so pleased with the work I had done with SurgiSculpt. He made me feel very comfortable with my decision to have a breast reduction. Its only been two weeks and I am feeling really good. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon.

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I had my procedure with SurgiSculpt in March of this year. I am so happy with my results. He was kind and caring from the beginning to the end. His coordinator Claudia is the sweetest. I felt very welcome each time. The staff was always friendly. The office is beautiful and very high end. I would definitely recommend this surgeon. He is very skilled and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to all my friends!

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I had a great experience at SurgiSculpt. I wanted to look a little younger and fresher for my daughters wedding day, so I booked an appointment not quite sure what I needed. SurgiSculpt was wonderful he suggested a couple of procedures that I had not even thought of and were amazing. He plumped up my cheekbones and took away some of my crows feet. I think I looked 10 years younger almost immediately.

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