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Author: Babak Moein, MD FACSBoard-certified,
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Male Plastic Surgery


Introduction to Male Plastic Surgery

Male plastic surgery is dedicated to surgeries specifically tailored to improve men's potential and aesthetic goals. To succeed as a male, you must feel and look your best. Specialized surgeries have been designed to optimize several aspects of male aesthetics by modifying traditional cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgeons have modified cosmetic surgeries originally described for females by considering gender-specific aesthetic guidelines designated for the male gender. This includes considering features unique in males, such as denser skin thickness, larger follicular stock, variable distribution of skin excess, differences in muscle bulk,  dissimilar breast tissue composition of the masculine chest, and male-specific contour aesthetics. Male-specific cosmetic treatments include the following plastic surgery procedures:


Reversing Male Pattern baldness

Follicular Unit Extraction Surgery, i.e., hair transplantation surgery, is a minimally invasive surgery achieved through the modern technology of single-unit hair follicle harvest and transfer. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) removes the hair follicles from a donor site located around the sides and back of the hair and transfers them to the top of the head where male pattern balding occurs. The reason for this regional transfer choice is that the hair follicular cells on the sides and back of your head do not possess the receptor sensitive to testosterone byproducts that induce cell death; this is in contrast to the hair follicles located over the top of your head. FUE grafts provide several advantages to traditional hair graft techniques. First, single-unit follicles provide a more natural and realistic outcome compared to the traditional group graft technique (2 to 3 follicles per graft). In addition, FUE graft harvest is superior to the traditional strip harvest technique, which is associated with lower graft percentage viability and unpleasant donor site horizontal scar extending through the back of your head, preventing you from keeping your hair short.

Male Hair removal with Intense Pulse Light

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is an effective treatment for permanently reducing hair growth. Reduction in hair growth involves a) decreasing growth speed, b) decreasing hair thickness, and c) decreasing hair density. IPL works as an effective non-invasive modality to remove and prevent hair growth. Using a source of broad-spectrum high-intensity light, IPL targets the pigment in the hair follicles, which implodes and damages the hair follicle; this allows for localized treatment of hair follicles in specifically selected treatment areas, including the beard line, neckline, back, shoulders, and abdomen. IPL power must be matched individually to the skin and hair type for the best results.

Male Facial Rejuvenation

Male Body Contouring (High Definition Liposuction)

Minimally invasive male facial rejuvenation - Fat grafting, Skin resurfacing, Neck tightening with Renuvion

Minimally invasive male facial rejuvenation is intended to allow male patients to improve their facial appearance without a prolonged recovery period. Minor facial rejuvenation procedures include fat grafting to the facial regions and restoring volume to the specific facial areas that demonstrate volume loss, including the cheeks, jawline, and around the eyes. Facial resurfacing entails the removal of any imperfections on the skin's surface, including wrinkles, blemishes, and pigmentation, through facial laser resurfacing. Finally, neck tightening can be achieved by tightening loose skin on the neck, restoring the elasticity of the neck, and providing a more chiseled jawline. This is accomplished through Renuvion technology using a subdermal skin tightening modality that delivers helium activated radiofrequency to rejuvenate the skin of the neck without the need for incisional or excisional surgery.

Male facial Surgery - Facelift, neck lift, and blepharoplasty

More invasive techniques include facelifts and neck lifts, considered the Gold Standard for treating loose facial and neck skin, wrinkles, and soft tissue sagging. By firming the facial tissues and muscles, facelifts and neck lifts will require an incision, undermining, and lifting maneuver that allows for excising the redundant skin, ultimately restoring the tighter and more defined contour of the male face. Male facelift surgeries are modified for the male patient to account for beard and sideburn lines. Neck lift techniques are also modified to ensure that posterior hairline incisions are well hidden and not visible to onlookers. Blepharoplasty of the upper and lower eyelids is the ideal eyelid rejuvenation surgery intended to smoothen the contour of skin around the eyelids by removing redundant eyelid skin, reducing protruding orbital fat, and tightening weakened eyelid muscle. Blepharoplasty of the male client requires modifications of the traditional surgery to ensure a harmonious outcome for the male patient. For example, upper eyelid surgery in the male uses a more linear line to remove excess skin compared to the female design, which is more arched. Lower eyelid lift in the male is performed more conservatively with less skin removal and avoidance of orbital fat pad removal unless it protrudes.

Male Body Contouring can be achieved through High Definition Liposuction of the abdomen, chest, back, buttocks, and arms.

Abdominal etching- Abdominal etching is a male body contouring procedure that achieves a defined, washboard abdomen. Sculpting out the fat around the muscles allows skilled surgeons who are well experienced and appreciate the anatomy of the abdomen to successfully strengthen the appearance of the male abdomen, accentuating the underlying, existing muscle into the universally desired six-pack appearance.

Male tummy tuck- Male tummy tuck is unique in that it can provide male patients with a trimmer waistline and remove redundant skin. Although only a few pounds can be removed with liposuction, excision of redundant skin and soft tissue will dramatically improve body contour. Most men do not need repair of their muscles as they possess thicker abdominal muscles that are not amenable to thinning out. However, if there is a tear in the muscles, called a hernia, then this should be repaired synchronously as it will improve the quality of life that might be compromised by abdominal pain.

Chest masculinization- Chest masculinization refers to the contouring of the male chest to form an “armor plate” masculine appearance. A flat chest defines the "armor plate" appearance with a strong, bold perimeter with linear borders and a pentagonal shape. The Surgisculpt surgeons strive to create a plateau rather than a dome-shaped chest that creates a more masculine aesthetic appearance. Seldom breast reduction surgery might be employed using an incision underneath in the inframammary crease to remove extensive skin redundancy.

Gynecomastia repair- Gynecomastia is a condition that describes a feminized breast shape in males that is full and rounded in appearance. Males that are unsatisfied with their larger breasts are candidates for gynecomastia repair. Male breast reduction is an effective treatment for those with gynecomastia, which allows for removing the excess fat and glandular tissue that is responsible for feminizing the chest appearance.

Back and buttocks contouring- The shape of the male back and buttocks can be improved by trimming the excess fat of the lower back and flank region. Eliminating excess fat and skin from the flanks and lower back that is interposed on a firm buttock and "square" shape is essential to creating a more athletic build and overall aesthetically pleasing male appearance.

Arm contouring- Males who desire arms with defined musculature can achieve this look by arm contouring. Arm contouring is predicated on improving the shape of the arm muscles, which include the deltoids, biceps, and triceps muscles. In addition to removing excess fat, arm definition can be improved by bulking up the muscles with intramuscular fat grafting.

If you notice a receding hairline or hair loss on the top of your head, the transfer of single-unit hair follicle grafts is state-of-the-art in reversing this undesired side effect of male aging. Single unit hair grafts, i.e., FUE can effectively replace hair loss while avoiding a donor site deformity.

If you are tired of having to shave your beard or neckline daily, or if you are self-conscious about the hair on your body, we encourage you to undergo near-permanent hair reduction with Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL). Following eight sessions of IPL performed every two months, you will be guaranteed five years of significant hair growth reduction.

If you feel aged in your face, you should consider a facial rejuvenation procedure or surgery. For patients demonstrating minimal to moderate facial aging changes, ablative resurfacing and subdermal coagulation to tighten the neck skin with Renuvion technology can provide several years of rejuvenation. For patients observing moderate to severe facial aging changes such as extensive neck skin redundancy or prominent jowls, a traditional facelift or neck lift should be considered, which are the GOLD standard for facial rejuvenation and provide permanent facial rejuvenation.

Suppose you desire improvement in your body contour. In that case, you should consider high-definition liposuction of the chest, abdomen, back, and arms which can transform your body, providing armor plate chest appearance and a chiseled abdomen.

If you are a male who feels self-conscious about your appearance, we encourage you to make a consultation to appreciate the difference that male plastic surgery can make for you.


Most caring doctor Ever!

Very good! He was suggested by my insurance and I'm so glad I chose to use Dr. you for my procedures. I had a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction. From the initial visit to the day of surgery, Your team provided excellent service.

I feel amazing!!

On 5/5 I had a Tummy Tuck done and a little fixing to my breasts due to a breast reduction done by another doctor that did a chop job. I was so scared because this was going to be such a big procedure but every time I went into the office you would just get me so hyped I couldn't wait to get it done & see the end results. Now that I'm 4mo out I feel great and can finally wear cuter clothes and feel confidant on how I look instead of always trying to cover up. I know I could do a little more nips & tucks.. but when I do, I will definitely go back to you and your staff (James P.A he's awesome)! Thank You.

Most Amazing experience

Can't say enough about you and your entire staff. Very professional yet, comfortable and approachable. The goal is to make you feel good in your own skin. His assistance James is amazing also. If you need any procedure, I'm confident you're not going to find any Dr. and Staff better than these fine people.

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