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GMommy Makeover™

GMommy is short for grandmommy, and this adorable nickname is given to the single most favorite member of the family. That's right; all, especially the children, universally adore grandmas. And in today's world, moms are more likely to become grandmas because we live longer.

Due to the marvels of medicine, women are living to a much older age. In the 21st century, grandmas will comprise a more significant sector of society due to best medical preventative practices, advanced treatments developed for chronic diseases, and proactive self-care. These factors are why mommy makeovers have become of keen interest to mature women. However, traditional mommy makeover procedures do not always address the specific needs of older women. Thus, we have developed the G-Mommy Makeover™, which encompasses unique modifications of the traditional mommy makeover procedures designed to rejuvenate the effect of aging on mature women.

The most common thing our GMommy patients tell us is they know they cannot look like they did in their 30s. They tend to be more realistic with their expectations. Their goals are to look great in clothes, swimsuits and take 10-15 years off their facial appearance. Given that women are aging more and more gracefully, well into their 70s, it's understandable they want their outward appearance to reflect their youthful attitude. After all 60+ is the new 40! 

Much like the traditional Mommy Makeover, the GMommy Makeover comprises a series of modified surgeries developed to help middle-aged moms and beyond. These modifications have been specifically designed to address the unique factors that result from aging - the prolonged exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays and the effects of gravity. 

GMommy changes related to sun exposure

Too much sun exposure over decades results in the accumulated damage of detrimental ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays can cause premature skin aging, appearing as wrinkles and unwanted changes in skin texture. Ultraviolet rays do have the beneficial effects of providing your skin cells the ability to generate natural vitamin D, which helps you absorb calcium, which is critical for muscle and bone health. But all good things in balance!

However, prolonged ultraviolet radiation will cause undesirable changes in the skin that result in loss of skin health by thinning out the deeper layer of skin, called the dermis. This loss of the deeper layer of skin will result in the appearance of crepe skin that is synonymous with grandma skin. The damage to the skin with chronic ultraviolet rays can lead to undesirable texture changes and even the development of skin cancers. When the wrinkles and skin texture changes become extensive or severe in the degree, they will often necessitate excision of skin, achieved with skin excision or tucking, a mainstay of GMommy Makeovers.

GMommy changes related to the effects of gravity

Gravitational force is created by the mass of the earth that continuously pulls us down. This force keeps us grounded and keeps us from floating away as we would on the moon's surface. However, its chronic force does result in the stretching of the skin. As the skin stretches, it also hangs down and sags. The sagging of the skin results in undesirable appearance changes characteristic of the turkey gobble neck, facial drooping, bat wings in the arms, and laxity around the abs and thighs. Stretching out and loss of elastin in the skin results in skin redundancy that can be extensive. These changes related to aging result in the need for skin excisions or tucking, a mainstay of GMommy Makeovers.

GMommy Makeover procedures

GMommy Makeover surgeries are designed to address the specific changes unique to aging. Aging results in chronic exposure to ultraviolet rays and the effects of gravity that result in undesirable skin redundancy and unwanted texture changes. These skin changes result in the need for excisional or tucking surgeries that are the mainstay for GMommy Makeovers. These surgeries have been designed to address undesirable changes to the face and neck, upper eyelids, lower eyelids, eyebrows, lips, arms, breasts, tummy, buttock, lateral thighs, and medial thighs. Each patient has a unique set of needs and desires. During your consultation, you and your surgeon will collaborate on your very personalized GMommy Makeover surgical plan.

GMommy Makeover surgeries may include:

  1. GMommy Face and Neck lift
  2. GMommy Upper blepharoplasty (eye lift)
  3. GMommy Lower blepharoplasty (eye lift)
  4. GMommy Brow lift
  5. GMommy Lip lift
  6. GMommy Arm lift
  7. GMommy Breast lift
  8. GMommy Tummy tuck
  9. GMommy BBL
  10. GMommy Bra lift
  11. GMommy Lateral thigh tuck
  12. GMommy Medial thigh tuck 


Amazing Surgeon with Amazing Staff!

I had an amazing experience with SurgiScuplt and his staff. The results of my arm lift are AMAZING and he and his staff have been extremely kind and professional throughout every step of this process. I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking for a surgeon!

Amazing Doctor and Staff!

Amazing experience with SurgiScuplt and his staff. I have worked extensively with this staff and couldn't be happier with the experience. I had a brachioplasty and love my results! I would 100% recommend this Doctor to everyone else!

I think I looked 10 years younger almost immediately

I had a great experience at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute. I wanted to look a little younger and fresher for my daughters wedding day, so I booked an appointment not quite sure what I needed. SurgiScuplt was wonderful he suggested a couple of procedures that I had not even thought of and were amazing. He plumped up my cheekbones and took away some of my crows feet. I think I looked 10 years younger almost immediately.

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