Tummy Tuck After C Section

A tummy tuck after c section is a routinely requested procedure that involves correcting pregnancy related abdominal changes. During pregnancy, your tummy will grow to accommodate your growing fetus. This is an amazing time for moms as they create a miraculous bond with their about to arrive baby. Unfortunately, the dramatic growth of the baby in your tummy results in unwanted stretching of your muscles and stretching of skin. Stretching of the belly skin will cause overgrowth of skin cells and skin redundancy as well as tearing of the skin, observed as stretch marks.

Following a C-Section, you will be left with a horizontal incision line along your pubic region. This provides a perfect opportunity to consider a tummy tuck as it will replace this incision with another incision. Although this incision is typically longer than the C-Section scar, it allows your surgeon to remove all of the unwanted redundant skin but also to eliminate most of your stretch marks. 

When you consider a tummy tuck after c section, you can be encouraged by the fact that you are going to lose all of your undesired pregnancy changes, including a protruding belly and the skin changes discussed above. It is prudent to wait at least 6 months to 1 year until you consider your tummy tuck so that all of the swelling in your belly has resolved. This is because a tummy tuck will also include tightening of the abdominal muscles like bringing in a corset.

When attempting to tighten the abdominal muscles, it is a prerequisite to have slack of the muscles. Slack in the abdominal muscles can only be appreciated if the intra-abdominal swelling resolves. This usually happens when your weight returns to near your pre-pregnancy weight. So you cannot rush having your tummy tuck after c section. We recommend that you attempt to return to your routine lifestyle. This will include getting back your prior eating schedule and exercise regimen. We recommend that you not try to lose more than 1 pound a week so that your body does not become stressed.

Furthermore, the first year of your baby’s life is very precious as they will need your undivided attention. Surgery to put you back together is likely to take lower priority!

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