Mommy makeover for plus sized clients

Mommy makeover for the plus sized clients are uniquely different than conventional mommy makeovers. These modifications include a breast mound size reduction and simultaneous lift and not the typical breast augmentation. Another modification involves the tummy tuck. Plus sized clients often possess breasts mounds that are larger than their normal sized counterparts. This can result in not only breasts that are disproportionately too large aesthetically but also breasts that pull on their shoulders and that are uncomfortable. As a result, the traditional breast augmentation with or without lift must be modified to include a breast lift with actual reduction in volume. Breast reduction lifting procedures do have extended incision lines that can extend to wrap around the sides. This allows for incorporating the modified tummy tuck for the plus sized client that includes the upper body lift.

The mommy makeover procedure is a popular plastic surgery procedure for mothers who want to restore their body following pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, the procedure is often a complement to breast surgery in patients with sagging breasts who also wish to improve the abdominal contour. During your consultation, we will collaborate and determine which of our mommy makeover components best meets your needs.

In addition, plus sized clients undergoing a mommy makeover will require both the modified tummy tuck as well as the modified Brazilian buttock lift. The modified tummy tuck for the plus sized client includes two things. First, eliminating an enlarged and sagging pubic region. Second, eliminating the prominent love handles. Finally, patients must consider extending their tummy tucks into a lateral thigh and buttock tuck. Clients often refer to this as a lower body lift. This modification will address undesirable buttock changes observed in plus sized clients.

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