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Buttock Tuck

Buttock Tuck Surgery Overview

If you want a more youthful-appearing butt, a buttock tuck may be a good option for you. This procedure reverses the signs of buttock aging plagued by skin redundancy and subsequent drooping. Buttock skin redundancy is best described as buttock contour irregularities and dimples, coined as cellulite. The sagging buttock is best characterized by lower buttock fullness, coined as a diaper butt. in rare cases, patients may wish to undergo butt liposuction as well as a buttock tuck to decrease overall buttock cheek size.

As such, plastic surgeons employ this excisional surgery to create a tighter and lifted-appearing butt. When you sit or stand straight, your buttocks should taper smoothly into your posterior thighs.  You shouldn't see bulges, lumps, or sagging or excess skin in your buttocks. A butt lift surgery may be indicated when these buttock concerns are observed. A butt lift uses a strategic excision pattern over the upper buttock and lower back region shaped like a gull wing. The excision of soft tissue must be designed strategically to achieve several parameters:

  • The excision should eliminate sagging of the buttock soft tissues.
  • The excision should reduce the appearance of buttock dimples, i.e., cellulite.
  • The excision should achieve aesthetically ideal back-to-buttock height proportions.
  • The final excision line in your G string so it can be hidden with your favorite bikini bottom.

Buttock lift surgery requires a combination of excisional surgery to accomplish the butt lift and fat transfer to improve the shape and size of your buttock. The need to supplement your butt lift with fat transfer is because while the buttock lift tightens, it also flattens the buttock. As a result, butt lift surgery must complement fat grafting to re-establish appropriate buttock volume and projection of the buttock cheek. Plastic surgeons specializing in buttock tucks know the importance of simultaneous fat transfer. This fat is best harvested from the lower back, flanks, and upper buttock skin excised using our proprietary surgical maneuver called ex-vivo liposuction. Ex-vivo liposuction is superior to traditional liposuction of tissues being excised by providing the ability to:

  • Maximize fat volume harvested
  • Save on  operative times
  • Avoid unnecessary trauma to the patient
  • Minimize blood loss
  • Improve the quality of harvested fat

Why get a buttock tuck cosmetic surgery?

As you age, your skin gets loose and sags from the effects of gravity and wrinkles from sun exposure. In addition, genetic factors make your skin vulnerable to laxity. As you get older, your buttock naturally sags. Buttocks lifts are combined with other body contouring surgeries such as thigh lifts to complete your whole body rejuvenation. Another group of patients who benefit from a buttock tuck is overweight clients who have tried to lose weight by exercising and changing their diets but failed to get their weight off.  Overweight clients may not just undergo liposuction because this will leave them with significant loose sagging skin. To avoid loose skin redundancy, it is necessary to remove the excess skin following comprehensive fat removal.

What to Expect During Your Butt Tuck Initial Consultation

Your plastic surgeon will review your desires and medical history. Be ready to answer questions about your health. He may also want to know if you're currently taking medication or have had surgery before. He might even ask about your diet. Your Plastic Surgeon will examine your buttocks, skin, and other body parts. You'll be asked about your expectations and reasons for wanting a buttock lift. It is always best to openly discuss any concerns or questions about the procedure. Avoid certain medications. You'll probably need to avoid taking aspirin, other painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and herbal supplements, which may increase bleeding. Maintain an even weight. You should maintain a steady weight for at least 6 to 12 months before buttock lifts. Significant weight loss after surgery may affect your results. Get help driving home after surgery and arrange for someone to be with you while you recover.

Buttock Lift Surgery Results

What You Need To Know about this surgery.

A buttock tuck is like a tummy tuck but for the buttock, as it removes loose, sagging skin. The redundant abdominal skin is pulled down and trimmed in a tummy tuck. In the buttock tuck, the skin from the lower buttock is lifted up, and redundant skin is excised. Excising the skin from the top of the butt tightens the skin throughout the buttock cheek reducing the prominence of a  lower buttock crease and creating a smooth transition from the lower buttock to the upper posterior thigh transition.

Another benefit of the buttock tuck is the elimination of skin contour irregularities that can result in dimples, referred to as cellulite. The final benefit of a buttock tuck is improving the buttock-to-back height proportion aesthetics. We have previously completed a survey study of female buttock, back, and leg heights in models. We found an aesthetic prevalence for a back:buttock: leg ratio preference of 45:25:30. Using these buttock high proportion ideals, you can position the buttock tuck excision line to improve aesthetic heights. For example, if your buttock height is too short, you can lengthen it by positioning your upper buttock tuck excision higher. In contrast, if your buttock height is long, you can shorten it by positioning your upper buttock incision lower. the buttock tuck is ideal for patients with significant weight loss or weight fluctuations, multiple pregnancies, or whose derrieres have experienced the dreaded effects of gravity and aging.

All surgery comes with risks, benefits, alternatives, and limitations. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will review the specifics of the lower buttock tuck.

Butt Tuck Recovery

Recovery time following a buttock tuck is approximately 3 to 4 weeks. You should avoid sitting upright for two weeks after surgery to minimize the tension on your incision lines. You may increase physical activity only by four weeks following your buttock lift. However,  lower body exercises are only allowed after six weeks following surgery. Inevitably, butt lift incisions will begin to fade six months following surgery. Simultaneous liposuction, fat transfer, and a buttock tuck are safe procedures that should be done under general anesthesia. You may experience some bruising, swelling, and discomfort after the operation, but these side effects usually diminish within a few days to weeks. In rare cases, the risk of complications such as unusual bleeding, infection, blood clots, and fat emboli exist. These complications are minimized by employing patient safety protocols. This is why you will have access to our office staff and cosmetic or plastic surgeon immediately following your surgery.


Buttock Tuck to Eliminate Cellulite.
Buttock Tuck to Eliminate Cellulite.

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