360 Liposuction

51-year-old female patient after a 360 liposuction body contouring procedure
51-year-old female patient after a 360 liposuction body contouring procedure. Note the transformation of her waist and buttocks proportions
51-year-old female patient after a 360 liposuction body contouring procedure creating a total feminine shape
51-year-old female patient after a liposuction body contouring procedure. Note the fuller buttocks
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360 liposuction refers to body contouring that is performed to treat All of your concern areas circumferentially and extending from the shoulder to the knee. 360 liposuction provides the opportunity to eliminate all problem areas in a single surgical session.

This results in stunning transformations immediately following surgery. Moreover, 360 liposuction is protective of weight gain. When you gain weight, areas that have a higher density tend to get larger preferentially.

For women, this means the lower back and hips. For men, this means along the mid and lower abdomen and love handles. Once these concern areas have been removed, weight gain will result in a little increase of remaining fat cells evenly throughout the entire body. This makes 360 liposuction protective to weight gain since the gained weight will not be

360 body contouring utilizes ultrasound-assisted liposuction to remove excess fat from multiple regions listed below:

  • Back – upper, middle, lower back, and flanks
  • Sides – flanks, love handles, external oblique, serratus, and lateral chest
  • Front – Abdomen, pubic region. Lateral chest
  • Legs — medial thighs, lateral thighs, and knees
  • Arms – underarm, anterior deltoid groove, posterior deltoid groove.

360 Liposuction Technique

360° Liposuction requires VASER liposuction to comprehensively remove all of the fat from the body. By creating air bubbles in the tumescent solution, called cavitation, the fat cells are freed from a solid to liquid medium.

In cavitating, the fat, several advantages are observed including the ability to gently remove the fat which improves overall fat survival and subsequently optimizes fat grafting outcomes to the buttock cheeks. In addition, it allows your surgeon to literally sculpt you and highlight your muscles.

When it comes to high-definition body contouring, your surgeon must take into account both excess fat but also skin redundancy. As a result, the removal of fat must be balanced with the ability to manage redundant skin.

For minimal to moderate skin redundancy, Renuvion J plasma technology is used to tighten the skin. For moderate to severe skin redundancy, strategic skin excisions can be designed to eliminate skin redundancy.

51-year-old female patient after a 360 degree liposuction body contouring procedure.

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