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360 Liposuction

51-year-old female patient after a 360 liposuction body contouring procedure

360 liposuction refers to body contouring that circumferentially treats all of your concern areas, spanning from the shoulder to the knee. 360 liposuction provides the opportunity to eliminate all problem areas in a single surgical session. In essence, 360 liposuction is a modification of traditional techniques that can improve multiple body areas in a single surgical procedure. Simultaneous removal of fat deposits must be combined with eliminating excess skin to avoid the creation of loose skin following the removal of fat. Skin tightening is an important consideration in body contouring as leaving skin redundancy will compromise the overlying skin contour aesthetics. This modification of traditional liposuction techniques allows cosmetic surgeons to achieve superior outcomes following cosmetic procedures.

There are several advantages to undergoing 360 liposuctions. The first benefit of this advanced liposuction approach is that it achieves stunning transformations. The second advantage is that 360 liposuction protects against changes in body shape with weight gain by creating a reduced and uniform density of fat distribution throughout your body. The result is that any changes in your weight will have less effect on your body shape. This is because lipo 360 to remove fat globally will prevent you from leaving areas of higher fat density vulnerable to overgrowth.

For women, lipo 360 means treating not only the abdomen and back but also the inner and outer hips as well as the arms. For men, lipo 360 means not only performing the lipo procedure on the abdomen and chest but also the love handles and lower back. Once these concern areas have been removed, weight gain will result in a small increase of remaining fat cell volumes evenly throughout the entire body. As a result, ideal candidates for lipo 360 are patients who may have several areas of undesirable fat depositions. An excellent candidate for lipo 360 will traditionally desire improvement in their entire body that, includes stubborn belly fat as well as prominent love handles and generous thighs

360 body contouring utilizes ultrasound-assisted or traditional liposuction to remove excess fat from multiple regions listed below:

  • Back – upper, middle, lower back, and flanks
  • Sides – flanks, love handles, external oblique, serratus, and lateral chest
  • Front – Abdomen, pubic region. Lateral chest
  • Legs — medial thighs, lateral thighs, and knees
  • Arms – underarm, anterior deltoid groove, posterior deltoid groove.

360 Liposuction Technique

360° Liposuction requires comprehensive removal of the fat from the body. Since the aesthetic goals are broad, it helps to utilize supplemental energy to assist with fat removal. One supplemental energy liposuction tool, VASER liposuction, is conducive to this process. The ultrasound energy of the VASER tool, Creates air bubbles in the tumescent solution, which separates solid fat clumps into a single-cell liquid state. This process, called cavitation, helps ease fat removal when considering such a comprehensive procedure.

Several advantages are observed in cavitating the fat, including the ability to remove the fat gently. During the fat removal procedure, gentle removal of fat allows for improved overall fat survival following fat transfer. The net effect of fat harvested with ultrasound assistance is optimized fat grafting outcomes to the buttock cheeks, such as during a Brazilian Buttock Lift. In addition, VASER liposuction allows your surgeon to sculpt your muscle highlights when abdominal muscles are present.

When it comes to 360 liposuction body contouring, your surgeon must consider both excess fat and skin redundancy. This is because the extent of fat removed makes you vulnerable to skin redundancy. As a result, the removal of fat must be balanced with the ability to manage redundant skin.

For minimal to moderate skin redundancy, Renuvion J plasma technology can be used to tighten the skin. Strategic skin excisions can be designed to eliminate skin redundancy for moderate to severe skin redundancy.

51-year-old female patient after a 360-degree liposuction body contouring procedure.

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