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Liposuction Revision Newport Beach

Liposuction Revision Newport Beach
Liposuction Revision Newport Beach
Liposuction Revision Newport Beach

Please see this 62-year-old female three months after her liposuction revision.

Liposuction revision refers to any liposuction procedure performed on someone who had a prior cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. The best liposuction revision in Newport Beach is performed weekly by SurgiSculpt surgeons.

After your unfortunate botched surgery, you must take time to do thorough research and find a cosmetic surgeon with years of experience with revision liposuction surgeries.

Why is the Liposuction Revision Newport Beach Location different?

The difference between a regular liposuction case and a revision case is that the revision case will present the surgeon with an uneven and abnormal canvas to work with. This is because the fat deposits have been poorly removed, resulting in contour irregularities that are apparent on the skin surface.

Think of your surgeon as an artist, one with an untouched canvas has an easier job than the one working on a crumpled piece of paper. However, experience in high-definition body contouring allows SurgiSculpt surgeons to provide amazing liposuction revision results.

Keys to high-definition body contouring

On your initial consultation, you will undergo a complete 360-degree physical examination. Once complete, a high-definition body contouring surgical plan will be created to provide the best liposuction revision results. Some keys to successful revision liposuction include:

  • Narrowing the waistline to provide a feminine or masculine transition between the upper and lower body
  • Etching the abdomen to create straight, aesthetically pleasing lines resulting in a six-pack for males and a four-pack for females
  • Contouring the back to remove any back or bra rolls that may be present
  • Creating the ideal butt shape and size using the Buttock Assessment Tool to determine each patient’s ideal preferences precisely
  • Eliminating any contour irregularities created from prior cosmetic surgery procedures

How is liposuction revision in Newport Beach performed

Liposuction revision surgery is performed using a unique liposuction modality that utilizes ultrasound-assisted energy to cavitate your fat before extraction. This unique supplement allows for several advantages. First, it is possible to harvest 40% more pockets of fat from the fat layers. Ultrasound energy also allows your surgeon to even out and redistribute any irregularities created following the primary cosmetic procedure to achieve the aesthetic goals of a smooth contour. Treatment options may include more fat removal, fat transfer back to areas of concavity, or even no fat removal and rather a fat redistribution. Following your liposuction consultation, you will be confident that you are a good candidate for liposuction revision. The surgical techniques recommended for your surgical procedure revisions will be reviewed. Finally, your postoperative recovery timeline will be reviewed, which may be more prolonged due to the more aggressive liposuction and maneuvers required to correct your botched liposuction outcomes.

Liposuction Revision Newport Beach Location

Using world-renowned high-definition protocol combined with his decades of experience, there is no better option for liposuction revision in Newport beach than SurgiSculpt surgeons. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.

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