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Liposuction Revision Newport Beach

Liposuction Revision Newport Beach
Liposuction Revision Newport Beach
Liposuction Revision Newport Beach

This is a 56-year-old female before and after her incredible high-definition liposuction revision procedure

Liposuction revision is intended for botched liposuction cases performed by less experienced body contouring surgeons to correct botched surgeries performed at our office. A gamut of contour irregularities are observed at our center and these include:

  • A checkerboard abdomen that describes diffuse areas of indents and prominences that look like a checkerboard.
  • Divots are created when the surgeon attempts to use traditional liposuction to remove soft tissues from the superficial fatty layer.
  • Lumps and bumps describe irregularities created using traditional liposuction since it can not homogeneously and smoothly remove the fat. This results in small areas of overdone and underdone, as described by lumps and bumps.
  • Underdone areas refer to the fat needing to be removed comprehensively. Traditional liposuction can only remove the deep fat, thus resulting in the maintenance of the superficial fat.
  • Asymmetric contour occurs when the fat on one side is removed preferentially over the other side. This usually occurs by the surgeon removing the fat more comprehensively on their more dominant hand side. For example, if your surgeon is right-handed, they will be more likely to remove the fat from the right side more than the left side, thus resulting in asymmetry.
  • Aesthetically compromised contour lines occur when your surgeon does not appreciate the ideal aesthetic lines, such as the female silhouette.
  • Contour irregularities secondary to skin redundancy are a problem that occurs following comprehensive fat removal. With the advent of the VASER, fat is removed aggressively, making skin redundancy even more of a concern. When redundancy in the skin is not addressed, the redundant skin will not evenly settle, thus creating unnatural deformities.

Liposuction revision requires knowledge of aesthetically pleasing contour lines, such as creating a dramatic waistline by maximally narrowing the waist. Another example involves the creation of a beautiful back and buttock curve, as described by the Tilde curve. Liposuction revision surgery is technically more challenging than primary liposuction surgery. Additional liposuction is routinely required to even out irregularities in fat removal. In addition, your revision liposuction procedure will require supplemental maneuvers to correct any excess skin or contour irregularities created from your previous liposuction procedure. Finally, you will have to comply with a more rigorous postoperative recovery that involves continuously wearing compression garments. Recovery periods may be prolonged when compared to your initial liposuction period.

Liposuction Revision: Surgery Inclusions

Liposuction revision treatment will include smoothing out a fat volume or irregularities in skin thickness. When patients present with divots, lumps, or bumps, these cannot be filled in like a painting. Instead, we remove all of the fat universally to smooth the entire contour.

As part of the liposuction revision, the entire skin contour is brought down to a single layer such that no divots, lumps, bumps, or asymmetry are resolved. In addition, Renuvion technology is used to achieve scar-less skin tightening over all areas of skin redundancy. Occasionally, skin excision may also be employed to eliminate moderate to severe skin redundancy.

Liposuction revision Conclusion

In summary, liposuction revision may be considered following your initial consultation. Once you have been identified as a good candidate for liposuction revision, you will be scheduled for your secondary liposuction using advanced liposuction technologies. An expert in liposuction revision will determine the exact customized sequence of surgeries that will be implemented to correct your original liposuction procedure. You will also require preoperative preparation and postoperative planning to complete your journey.


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