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Ideal Treatment Of Lipedema

Ideal Treatment Of Lipedema
Ideal Treatment Of Lipedema
Ideal Treatment Of Lipedema

23-year-old female patient 3 months after her high definition VASER for lipedema. Note the waistline reduction and BBL with fat transfer

Patients with lipedema observe generalized fat uncontrolled fat growth on their bodies that affects their quality of lift. Lipedema patients can often feel defeated by the fact that despite all their dietary changes and exercise efforts, they have not significantly improved their condition. Patients affected by lipedema have observed unappealing physical signs and functional compromise arising from adipose tissue causing physical limitation and pain. Patients affected by lipedema often wonder what the ideal treatment for lipedema is.

Fortunately, there are surgical options that are safe and effective in addressing your and pain.

SurgiSculpt’s Ideal Treatment of Lipedema

Like nationally recognized high-definition body contouring surgery protocols, SurgiSculpt’s treatment of lipedema patients focuses on two key elements: fat reduction and skin removal.

Ultrasound-assisted technology gives a trained cosmetic surgeon the tools necessary to remove the stubborn deep, superficial fat seen in lipedema patients. Comprehensive fat removal in lipedema patients is unlike routine body contouring patients who only need deep fat debulking. Lipedema should only be treated by experienced liposuction surgeons skilled in ultrasound-assisted liposuction.

SurgiSculpt surgeons have performed on hundreds of lipedema patients and have a thorough understanding of the nuances of these surgical patients. Lipedema patients experience abnormal pain from the pressure in their fat-filled legs. Patients with lipedema have a higher density of nerves and vessels traversing through their soft tissues. As such, to address the ideal treatment for lipedema, your surgeon needs to be able to maneuver around all the sensitive nerves and vessels to allow for a smooth, successful recovery.

After fat reduction, SurgiSculpt examines the results and addresses any excess skin that may result from fat removal. Detailed surgical skin excisions such as a lower body lift or lateral or medial thigh tuck may be advocated to remove any extra skin that remains after the procedure.

Finally, as part of the ideal treatment for lipedema, the surgeon must repair the skin back together, a straightforward but extremely important step.

The ideal treatment for lipedema should have several specific goals. The first goal is to reduce the fat in your problem areas to eliminate any pain you may be experiencing from fat compression. The second goal is to create a beautiful body contour that is slim, natural, and smooth. This goal can only be met by appropriately accommodating loose or redundant skin. If you are interested in honing in on your ideal lipedema treatment, contact us at SurgiSculpt today for your complimentary consultation.

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