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Is gynecomastia surgery worth it?

37 year old male patient following his bilateral gynecomastia surgery

Is gynecomastia surgery worth it? Gynecomastia surgery is definitely worth it as it eliminates all of the feminine breast changes that can give you anxiety as a man. This is because men more than women tend to expose their breasts since being shirtless is acceptable in society. When men have man boobs, they are less likely to be shirtless for example at the pool. Another concern of men who have gynecomastia is the appearance of their chest when wearing tee-shirts. When the breasts are full and rounded like in women, the nipples tend to push out on their shirts making them look less manly. If you are affected by any of these concerns, we want to reassure you that gynecomastia surgery is worth it.

Gynecomastia surgery is definitely worth it since it will eliminate your feminized chest appearance within one hour or less. This is the time it takes to perform the typical gynecomastia surgery and since it is considered a shorter surgery, it will cost you less than most surgeries. In addition, the downtime following gynecomastia surgery is minimal since the postoperative discomfort is minimal. Male clients are typically allowed to return to work as early as one week following surgery. Most male patients are also allowed to resume full routine and physical activity within two weeks of surgery. Finally, male clients will typically feel comfortable shirtless as early as one month following surgery. 

If you are considering gynecomastia surgery, we encourage you to complete a virtual consultation so that you can be provided an estimate cost for your surgery. This will help you appreciate that gynecomastia surgery is worth it.

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