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Male Breast Surgery Recovery

Male Breast Surgery Recovery
Male Breast Surgery Recovery

37-year-old male after high-definition liposuction surgery with a SurgiSculpt surgeon.

Male breast surgery refers to reducing excess fat, increasing glands, and redundant skin in the male breast, resulting in a feminine appearance. The transition of the male breast to a feminine-appearing chest has been termed gynecomastia. This SurgiSculpt article will answer all of your male breast surgery recovery questions.

A common complaint among men is not being able to lose weight despite following a regular exercise regimen and diet plan. Excess glandular tissue is the primary cause of excess breast tissue in men who cannot defeminize their breasts despite weight loss. Most clients also possess a higher fat density localized to their breasts. The final component of gynecomastia includes excess skin, which typically follows men who have lost considerable weight loss.

High-definition liposuction of the fatty component and direct excision of the glandular tissues is the treatment of choice to correct gynecomastia. However, while gynecomastia surgery only focuses on gland removal, male breast surgery puts an extra focus on contouring the male chest to look masculinized by building it up rather than merely breast reduction surgery. As such, treatment for male breast surgery may also include the selective transfer of fat to the breast periphery to create an armored plate chest appearance.

Gynecomastia treatment focuses on removing excess fat, reducing glandular tissue, and less frequently eliminating skin redundancy. Male breast surgery requires the addition of strategic fat injection to create a bold chest periphery and linear contour lines. Optimized male body contouring requires the addition of body contouring to provide a final body contour result that is harmonious with regards to a masculine chest and chiseled body. These prerequisites for treating male breast surgery will dictate male breast surgery recovery.

Male Breast Surgery Recovery Dictated by Treatment Protocol

A very strict operative protocol must be followed to create the ideal male chest appearance. Accurate preoperative markings are the first step for any successful high-definition body contouring surgeon. This is because a combination of fat removal, gland reduction, elimination of skin redundancy, and fat transfer must be incorporated to create the optimized masculine chest appearance.

As such, male breast surgery recovery is not only dictated by surgical maneuvers required for the breast reduction portion of the surgery but also by the fat harvest required from the body. Specifically, most male chest surgery patients desire to contour their abdomen. Male abdominal contouring involves unveiling muscle highlights, as depicted by creating six packs in males and four packs in females.

Male breast surgery recovery is minimally affected by the chest contouring component. The recovery process of grafted fat dictates the healing process for the chest contour. The transfer of fat to the chest requires approximately three days to allow for the vascularization of fat cells to be complete. As such, male breast surgery recovery for healing of the breast dictates avoidance of strenuous activities for only one week.

The more challenging portion of the recovery period involves the contouring of the abdomen. Strenuous exercises must be avoided until healing of the abdomen has occurred. Since the entire abdomen is suctioned, the skin layer must be allowed to heal back to the underlying muscles to appreciate the muscle highlights. This process requires avoidance of any shear stresses that may efface the created highlights. Any extensive high-definition liposuction male breast surgery recovery protocol must manage any pain or swelling that may result. This includes personal compression garments and lymphatic massages every other day for the first 10 to 12 days until healing is complete.

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