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What to expect after gynecomastia


Introduction: What to Expect after Gynecomastia?

You should expect a seamless recovery. This is because gynecomastia surgery is localized to a small, localized area of the body. Second, your gynecomastia surgery is limited to the skin and fat only. Typically, the most pain following surgery is felt when muscle tissues are manipulated such as in a tummy tuck in which the rectus muscles are plicated or a breast augmentation in which the pectoralis muscles are released to accommodate an implant.

In gynecomastia surgery, only the glandular discoid tissues and fat are removed. This means that the pectoralis muscle is not manipulated and thus pain is limited. Another reason gynecomastia surgery recovery is tolerable is that long incision lines are avoided. This is because liposuction uses small poke holes that measure 3 to 4 mm in length. Even when direct excision of glandular tissues is required, only small incisions limited to the infra-areola are utilized making incisional pain limited.

A final reason why gynecomastia recovery is tolerable is that any surgical pain is minimized by wearing a compression garment. compression garmen have multiple benefits. The first is that the compression garment will minimize swelling thus reducing traction on pain nerves in the early postoperative period. Traction on nerve fibers is the main trigger for nerve activation and the sensation of pain. As a result, pain sensation is reduced with avoidance of unnecessary swelling. Another benefit of compression is that pressure nerves are triggered which suppresses the sensation of pain nerves. This is because when pressure nerves are activated they neutralize pain nerves. The net result is minimizing the sensation of pain.

What Recovery to Expect after Gynecomastia?

What to expect after gynecomastia surgery is immediate elimination of the feminized appearance of your breast. This means a more aesthetically harmonious chest appearance that is harmonious with a masculine appearance. On postop day 1 your compression garments will be removed and you will realize the change. You will be expected to wear your compression garment for the first two weeks. However, you will be allowed to return to physical activity as early as one week following surgery. You will also have a Steri-Strip, which is a surgical tape protector of your incisions, covering your incision lines. These will be kept in place for one month. Our male clients will feel comfortable with taking their shirts off as early as one month following surgery. At three months, the full potential of their gynecomastia will be apparent.

Conclusion: What to expect after Gynecomastia Surgery?

In summary, what to expect after gynecomastia surgery is a reasonably seemless recovery. Patients typically describe a well-tolerated recovery and return to daily activities within 1 to 2 weeks of surgery. Compression garments when worn over the first two weeks will further ensure comfort and a non-complicated course. If you are interested in learning more about gynecomastia surgery, please contact our office today.

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