Does gynecomastia surgery reduce nipple size

Does gynecomastia surgery reduce nipple size

Introduction: Does Gynecomastia Surgery Reduce Nipple Size?

Gynecomastis surgery does in fact reduce nipple size. The gynecomastia surgery not only decreased nipple projection, but it also reduced the areola which is the flatter pink skin surrounding the nipple. To appreciate how gynecomastia surgery reduces the nipple-areola size, we must discuss the particulars of this surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery involves removal of the male breast bulk which can be both glandular and fatty in composition. Regardless of how much of each is removed, the final result is that you will observe a reduction of your nipple and areola size Thus, yes, gynecomastia surgery reduces nipple size. This is because when the pressure underneath the nipple and areola is removed, the nipple and areola skin will retract back and become smaller. The best analogy of how this works is a balloon. If you deflate the balloon, the surface area of the balloon shell becomes smaller. This phenomenon is observed routinely during gynecomastia surgery.

A caveat to this is the quality of your skin which can affect the size reduction observed. This is because our skin has a rubber band-like protein called elastin. The elastin is responsible for the recoil of the skin when pressure is removed from it. Unfortunately, as we age the density of elastin in our skin is lost. Typically, by 45 years of age, we have no elastin left. This means that a 50-year-old client is not going to observe the same reduction in nipple and areola size as a 20-year-old.

Severely enlarged areola and nipple

A final consideration of nipple and areola reduction during gynecomastia surgery is the rare scenario where the nipple and areola size is extensive in size. If the areola is extensive in size and/or if you are much older and have lost your elastin density, you may wish to consider a separate peri-areolar reduction. In this situation, we will excise actual areola skin circumferentially, resulting in a more aggressive reduction in nipple and areola size. This maneuver is more aggressive in nipple reduction but it does have the stigma of a more noticeable surgical incision line.

Conclusion: Does gynecomastia surgery reduce nipple size?

In summary, gynecomastia surgery does reduce the nipple size by eliminating the bulk that projects the nipple and areola away from the body. A secondary procedure that can be considered is a formal excision nipple and areola reduction. This supplemental procedure is performed during your gynecomastia surgery but it is associated with a periareolar incision line.

If you wish to learn about nipple size reduction during gynecomastia surgery, we encourage you to make a consultation to speak to one of our professional coordinators.

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