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Breast Reduction For Men

male breast surgery patient 8 front right view
male breast surgery patient 8 front view

Please see this 28-year-old male after his breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction for men is a popular surgery that boys and men of all ages seek. A male breast reduction is the most effective surgical treatment for treating Gynecomastia, also known as enlarged male breasts. Although breast reduction for men is not a serious health problem, it can be a bother and tough to cope with the swelling of the breast tissue.

Gynecomastia can affect both boys and men and can affect one or both breasts. This possibly even or uneven swelling of the breast tissue can be developed at a younger or older age, beginning at puberty and continuing to an older age. Along with the present swelling of the male breast tissue, the pain of this tissue may also be a symptom of Gynecomastia and further requires a male breast reduction.

In severe cases of enlarged male breasts, the sagging skin is excised, and breast reduction for men is needed to repair and remove excess localized fat, glandular tissue development, and excess skin.

SurgiSculpt physicians are well regarded by the community for their artistic eye and expertise in performing Gynecomastia – male breast reduction surgery. If you have larger male breasts and are interested in breast reduction to remove the excess fat, tissue, and skin, SurgiSculpt physicians in Los Angeles, California, can help to achieve a male breast size proportionate to your body.

A breast reduction procedure may also ease this discomfort for male breast tenderness and pain. If you are unsure if you are a candidate for gynecomastia surgery, breast reduction for men may be an option if you are a male with disproportionately and abnormally enlarged breasts.

Consulting with your board-certified surgeon about a surgical breast reduction plan is essential to your patient care plan. It is essential to understand what your male breast surgery entails. Your discussion should include possible risks and complications and your plan to set realistic expectations for your male breast reduction results.

This cosmetic surgery to reduce the fat, skin, and glandular tissue to restore a more fit, firm, and masculinized contour to your chest can be definitively achieved at SurgiSculpt.

Breast Reduction For Men Consultation

If you are interested in breast reduction for men, you are also encouraged to view SurgiSculpt breast reduction for men’s results to appreciate possible changes.

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