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Does Gynecomastia Surgery Leave Scars

This male patient underwent gynecomastia repair with no obvious scars.

Does gynecomastia surgery leave scars? Gynecomastia surgery requires direct excision of the discoid glandular tissue under the nipple and areola. The direct excision of the gland requires an incision under the areola placed as a semicircle. Thus, gynecomastia surgery requires a surgical incision that can leave you with a scar.

Several measures are taken to ensure your gynecomastia surgical incision does not scar or appear unpleased. First, the incision must be placed right under the areola at the border of the pink areola and the lighter chest skin. This incision allows for the removal of excess breast tissue. The incision gets camouflaged by choosing this natural junction as it falls into a natural border. The next step is to avoid pressure damage to the area when your assistant retracts to help the surgeon remove the gland. Tissues are very fragile and can get traumatized during surgery, thus resulting in unsightly healing and potential gynecomastia scar.

We implement insulated retractors that protect the incision line from mechanical and thermal damage. The final intervention to gynecomastia surgery leave scars is to perform plastic surgery, and double-layered closure using interrupted subdermal and overlying stitches. The double layer of incision line repair will ensure that this breast reduction surgery is performed to optimize the healing process. Successful cosmetic surgery requires appropriate surgical technique and appropriate postoperative scar management using silicone sheets and even laser treatments when required. Minimal scarring can be achieved while minimizing the recovery process for larger incisions when all precautions are taken to appreciate the benefits of gynecomastia surgery.

In summary, gynecomastia surgery does not have to result in prominent scars. When gynecomastia surgery is performed optimally, it can result in a well-hidden incision line that is not apparent to most onlookers.

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