Get a Square Chest: The Masculinized Chest Appearance

Best Way to Get a Square Chest: The Masculinized Chest Appearance

Best Way to Get a Square Chest
Best Way to Get a Square Chest
male square chest patient front right view

An athletic 31-year-old male patient following high definition liposuction of the chest to square out his shape, remove love handles and soft belly

One of the most common questions on popular fitness and bodybuilding forums such as is, “How do I get a square chest?” From people who are overweight to the most enthusiastic gym-goers, achieving a manly appearing chest is a common request. This seemingly trivial detail in chest shape is crucial to achieving a strong, masculine chest. So, how do you get it?

The Square Chest Look

Several factors describe the feminine chest appearance in men, termed man boobs. These factors stem from a hormonal imbalance in men that may arise from either lifestyle choices or genetic propensity. The feminized chest, coined gynecomastia, is a common condition many men choose to correct through plastic surgery. Correcting gynecomastia requires chest masculinization surgery focused on transforming a feminized chest into a masculine chest appearance. The goal of chest contouring in males is to create bold yet flat and linear contour lines. This contrasts with a feminine chest that is full and rounded in appearance. Gynecomastia surgery aims to reduce larger breasts by eliminating adiposity, epithelial tissues, and excess skin when necessary.

Interestingly, male patients aspire for a masculinized chest through basic weightlifting. Chest exercises that involve bench presses or push-ups are meant to enlarge the pectoralis muscles. The pectoralis muscle mimics the flat, bold, linear masculine appearance. Unfortunately, most patients get frustrated since, despite all the exercise to bulk the pectoralis muscles, the layer of fat that remains over the muscle tends to camouflage the underlying masculine appearance of the chest to appear rounded and feminine. However, thanks to SurgiSculpt’s male high-definition liposuction protocol, you can finally get that desired masculine look without spending months in the gym.

Best Way to Get a Square Chest: The Masculinized Chest Appearance

Through VASER liposuction, our surgeons can remove the fat over the chest to unveil the underlying pectoralis muscles and effectively transfer the fat back into the medial aspect of the pectoralis muscle to create a more masculine appearance. This masculine appearance is achieved by creating a strong sternal line gulley bordered on each side by a strong medial vertical pectoralis muscle outline. VASER liposuction maximizes fat transfer viability and allows us to precisely sculpt the male chest into a more manly square shape that all men desire.

HD Liposuction for males involves removing fat to highlight muscles and transferring fat to areas to create the ideal square chest look. The main highlights of creating a masculinized chest are:

  • Fat removal in the axilla region, lateral to the chest proper, in the armpit
  • Fat removal in the periareolar region (near the nipple) to flatten the chest mound
  • Fat transfer to the vertical medial pectoralis muscles to create a sternal line

This fat removal and transfer combination with VASER liposuction creates a linear, flat, but strong male chest appearance. If you are interested in finally getting that masculinized look that you haven’t been able to achieve through diet and exercise, schedule your complimentary consultation with a Surgisculpt surgeon today. At SurgiSculpt, we use our proprietary chest masculinization protocol to determine the best approach to your chest contouring. Your chest surgery will be customized to your individual needs. On the day of surgery, comprehensive markings of chest masculinization will be made before going to the operating room. When you awaken from your surgery, you will appreciate a muscular appearing chest.

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