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Sideburns in Male Facelifts

Sideburn considerations in males undergoing a facelift are critical. This is because male clients do not have the luxury of growing out their sideburns or hiding their incision lines with long hair.  When male clients are seen in consultation for a face and neck lift, they are counseled regarding the need to set their sideburns. Since sideburns come in varying shapes and sizes, it is important for each one of our male clients to commit to the sideburn of their choice. This is because once the sideburn and temple incisions are created during your facelift, you will not be able to alter the sideburn position.

Another observation that we have made is that male sideburns are often cut differently. This is not likely on purpose but overlooked by your barber or inadvertent asymmetric shaving. It is critical to take extra notice of the sideburn size and shape and to set both sides equally. Once you have committed to a facelift, your sideburns will be permanently positioned. If you are confused about the optimum height of your sideburns, you can use the supratragal notch as a guide. This notch Is located at the bottom of the helical root and top of your tragus. When it comes to the sideburn incision in male clients, we strive to make linear lines. This means that most sideburns are made to be an upright rectangle as opposed to women clients who are made an oval sideburn.

Additionally, proprietary anti-beveled incision of the sideburns is utilized to ensure that the subsequent incision heals well and is covered by the growing hair follicles. Remember that most men wear their hair short especially over the sides of their head where they are typically shaved with a clipper. This makes the aesthetics of sideburn incisions even more critical during a following male facelift surgery.

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